The Ten Most Popular This Is Horror Podcast Episodes of 2016

It’s been a great year for the This Is Horror Podcast. Not only have we seen a record number of downloads, but we’ve seen our Patreon grow significantly and have somehow released more than one episode per week with fifty-four episodes released in 2016.

If you’re new to the podcast or just want to revisit some of the best episodes of 2016 we have compiled our top ten most popular This Is Horror Podcast Episodes of 2016.


10. Jon Grilz on Small Town Horror Podcast, Crazytown and Audio Drama Production

Jon Grilz on This Is Horror

In this podcast Jon Grilz talks about the Small Town Horror podcast, his Crazytown series, audio drama production and much more.

Full Jon Grilz Interview and Show Notes

9. Paul Tremblay on 500 Words per Day, Self-doubt and Inspiration

TIH 099 Paul Tremblay on 500 Words per Day, Self-doubt and Inspiration

In this podcast Paul Tremblay talks about writing 500 words daily, self-doubt and the inspiration behind A Head Full of Ghosts.

Full Paul Tremblay Interview and Show Notes

8. John F.D. Taff on Dialogue, Full-time Writing and Emotional Horror


In this podcast John F.D. Taff talks about dialogue, writing full-time, emotional horror and much more.

Full John F.D. Taff Interview and Show Notes

7. Jessica McHugh on Creative Writing, Working as a Stripper and Bizarro


In this podcast Jessica McHugh talks about lessons learned teaching Creative Writing, the myth of writer’s block, working as a stripper at nineteen, bizarro and much more.

Full Jessica McHugh Interview and Show Notes

6. Mercedes M. Yardley on NaNoWriMo, the Poetry of Language and Beautiful Horror


In this podcast Mercedes M. Yardley talks about NaNoWriMo, the poetry of language, working in fifteen-minute increments, beautiful horror and much more.

Full Mercedes M. Yardley Interview and Show Notes

5. David Moody on the Hater Adaptation, Wattpad and Dealing with Depression

TIH 100 David Moody on the Hater Adaptation, Wattpad and Dealing with Depression

In this podcast David Moody talks about the Hater adaptation, brand new Hater trilogy, Wattpad, dealing with depression and much more.

Full David Moody Interview and Show Notes

4. Writers’ Craft Talk: Writing Suspenseful Scenes with 16 Writers

TIH 123 Writers' Craft Talk- Writing Suspenseful Scenes with 16 Writers

In this podcast sixteen writers discuss techniques for writing suspenseful scenes. Contributions from Stephen Volk, Maura McHugh, Melissa Lason and Michelle Garza, John Skipp, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Rich Hawkins, Kristi DeMeester, J. Daniel Stone, Stephanie M. Wytovich, T.E. Grau, Lisa Mannetti, Paul Michael Anderson, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Philip Fracassi and Michael Wehunt.

Full Suspenseful Scenes Episode and Show Notes

3. Writers’ Craft Talk: Best Writing Advice with 20 Writers

In this podcast twenty writers discuss the best writing advice they’ve received. Contributions from Stephen Graham Jones, Mercedes M. Yardley, Helen Marshall, Paul Tremblay, George Ttoouli, Nina Allan, David Moody, Jessica McHugh, John F.D. Taff, John C. Foster, David Bowles, Lisa L. Hannett, Bob Pastorella, Josh Malerman, Richard Thomas, Vincenzo Bilof, Jasper Bark, Sarah Langan, S. P. Miskowski  and This Is Horror Podcast Host, Michael David Wilson.

Full Best Writing Advice Episode and Show Notes

2. Stephen Graham Jones on Werewolves, Mongrels and Common Writing Mistakes

TIH 092 Stephen Graham Jones on Werewolves, Mongrels and Common Writing Mistakes

In this podcast Stephen Graham Jones talks about his brand new werewolf novel, Mongrels, common writing mistakes, self-doubt and much more.

Full Stephen Graham Jones Interview and Show Notes

1. Josh Malerman on A House at the Bottom of a Lake, Halloween and Water in Horror


In this special Halloween podcast Josh Malerman talks about Halloween, A House at the Bottom of a Lake, water in horror and much more.

Full Josh Malerman Interview and Show Notes

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