The This Is Horror Podcast Patreon is a membership site for those who want to take their This Is Horror Podcast listener experience to the next level. But don’t take my word for it, listen to some of our current patrons in the video below.

Find a little bit more about us over at the This Is Horror Podcast Patreon.

If you’re on the edge try us for $3 for 30 days. If we’re not a good fit for you then please cancel.

Email any questions to or tweet us @thisishorror or me directly @wilsonthewriter.

We’ve split this page into various sections that we think may prove useful for current and future patrons. This includes links to Patreon Exclusive podcasts, upcoming guests, and information on our current patrons.

Patreon Audio and Video Archives

Patrons Only Q&A Sessions

Patrons at just $3 can dig into Patrons Only Q&A sessions with Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella. You ask the questions we provide the answers.

Check out the Patrons Only Q&A Archives

Story Unboxed: The Horror Podcast on the Craft of Writing

Patrons can also listen to our story craft and literary analysis podcast, Story Unboxed: The Horror Podcast on the Craft of Writing.

Check out the Story Unboxed Archives

On Camera/Off Record

Patrons at $10 can watch videocasts with Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella. Post-podcast thoughts and tangents often lasting around one hour.

Check out the On Camera/Off Record Archives

Upcoming Podcast Guests

Here’s a list of guests we’ll be chatting with soon or have recently spoken with.

Meet the Patrons

Mark Alden

Patrick Barb

D.W. Behrend
D.W. Behrend writes strange tales and such from his lair somewhere in suburban New Jersey.
D.W. Behrend

Matthew Brandenburg

Shawn Burgess

Ross T. Byers
When not writing, Ross T. Byers lurks beneath your bed and feeds on your nightmares.
Ross T. Byers

J. W. Donley
Writer, photographer, and software engineer hurling through life with devious glee.
J.W. Donley

R.C. Hausen
The author of Cosmovorous.
R.C. Hausen



Amanda Headlee
Amanda Headlee

Dan Howarth
Dan Howarth Writer

Kev Harrison

Lex Jones

Traci Kenworth
I write YA all genres and romance among other things. I live in the U.S. in a little town in Ohio with my two kids and four cats.
Traci Kenworth (YA)
Loleta Abi (Romance and other)

JS Morrow

Brian Thomas Noonan

Steven Patience

Sarah Read
Inkwell Monster: The website for Sarah Read

Andrea Rogers
Man Made Monsters: The site for writer Andrea L. Rogers

Shannon Scott
Shannon is a writer and educator living in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Shannon Scott

Paul Stolp
Paul Stolp Writer

Pete W Sutton
Pete W Sutton

Roger Venable
Roger was born in the woods in Washington state, has lived in the woods in Idaho and Colorado, and currently lives in the woods in Maryland.
Roger Venable

Ryan Whitley
The Miskatonic Review, Lovecraftian Short Story Reviews by the Bibliothecar

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