TIH 111: Jessica McHugh on Creative Writing, Working as a Stripper and Bizarro


In this podcast Jessica McHugh talks about lessons learned teaching Creative Writing, the myth of writer’s block, working as a stripper at nineteen, bizarro and much more.

About Jessica McHugh

Jessica McHugh is a novelist, poet, and internationally produced playwright running amok in the fields of horror, sci-fi, young adult, and wherever else her peculiar mind leads. She’s had eighteen books published in eight years, including her bizarro romp, The Green Kangaroos, her Post Mortem Press bestseller, Rabbits in the Garden, and her edgy YA series, The Darla Decker Diaries. More information on her published and forthcoming fiction can be found at JessicaMcHughBooks.com.

Show Notes

  • [02:25] Max Booth’s editing
  • [03:55] Small press
  • [15:50] Writing goals
  • [27:10] Lessons learned teaching Creative Writing
  • [41:45] Adrian Shotbolt, via Patreon, asks about writer’s block
  • [46:30] Morning rituals and daily habits
  • [53:55] Advice to eighteen year old self
  • [57:40] Working as a stripper
  • [01:05:45] Craziest thing while working as a stripper
  • [01:15:55] Intimidating writers
  • [01:18:10] White whales and career aspirations
  • [01:20:20] Bizarro
  • [01:27:20] Two fiction and two non-fiction recommendations
  • [01:31:35] Connect with Jessica

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