5 Years, 200 Episodes, Celebrate the This Is Horror Podcast and Leave Us An Audio Message

5 Years 200 Episodes This Is Horror Podcast Celebration

It’s been five years and almost two-hundred episodes since we put out the first episode of the This Is Horror Podcast, in which Dan Howarth, John Costello, and I reviewed Chained and I interviewed Jennifer Lynch. We’ve interviewed some of our favourite authors, creatives, and publishing professionals including Joe Hill, Joe R. Lansdale, Gemma Files, Adam Nevill, Ellen Datlow, Stephen Graham Jones, David Moody, and Josh Malerman. We’ve even put out a couple of writers’ craft talk episodes on Best Writing Advice and Writing Suspenseful Scenes. And last year we released our patrons-only podcast Story Unboxed: The Horror Podcast on the Craft of Writing. That being said, you can listen to our full Story Unboxed episode on The Box by Jack Ketchum right here. 

As announced on Patreon yesterday we’re planning on celebrating our 200th episode in style.

Bob Pastorella, Dan Howarth, and I will be recording a retrospective where we look back at the past five years and 200 episodes of the This Is Horror Podcast, reliving some of our favourite moments and talking about where we’re heading in the future.

But we don’t want to celebrate alone.

We want you—the dear listeners that have supported us and made this possible—to join us. So please leave us a voicemail over at www.speakpipe.com/thisishorror.

We want to make episode 200 a truly interactive experience!

Leave any message you like, but if you’re struggling here are some suggestions:

  • Tell us your favourite moments of the This Is Horror Podcast
  • Tell us what you like most about the podcast
  • Tell us what and who you’d like to hear on the podcast going forward
  • Submit a question for us to answer (just as you normally would but this time you get to do so via an audio message)
  • Just congratulate us on 200 episodes (we’re not too proud)

Please let all your friends know about the This Is Horror Podcast 200 episode celebration. Spread the image and this post far-and-wide.

Please leave your message by Saturday 31st March to ensure we get it in time for the episode.

Don’t want to click on the speak pipe link? Well, how about I make things even easier and embed the recorder below.

And don’t worry about getting that recording right the first time. You can record and delete as many times as you desire before submitting to us. And it’ll work with your onboard microphone.

Let’s make this an episode to remember.

Can’t wait to hear from you all.

Have a great great day!

Michael David Wilson

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