Story Unboxed 007: The Box by Jack Ketchum (Feat. Guest Co-host Castle Rock Radio’s Max Booth III)

Story Unboxed 007 The Box by Jack Ketchum (Feat. Guest Co-host Castle Rock Radio's Max Booth III)

In this very special episode of the This Is Horror Podcast we present the seventh instalment of Story Unboxed: The Horror Podcast on the Craft of Writing. Story Unboxed is usually a podcast reserved for This Is Horror Podcast Patrons but this seventh episode serves as our tribute to Dallas Mayr—Jack Ketchum—and we want you all to hear this and read Ketchum’s work.

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Show notes

  • [00:00] Spoilers warning and first experiences with Jack Ketchum
  • [10:55] Max spoils The Rifle
  • [14:00] Bob spoils some of The Girl Next Door
  • [18:30] The Girl Next Door original cover
  • [22:50] Another The Girl Next Door spoiler
  • [34:35] Thesauruses
  • [39:10] Offspring spoiler
  • [40:40] The End of Alice by A.M. Homes
  • [49:00] How Dallas sold Offseason
  • [59:50] Unboxing The Box/donating in Dallas’s name
  • [01:15:00] The man with the box
  • [01:19:00] What’s in the box theory
  • [01:27:00] Loneliness and isolation
  • [01:33:00] Not eating/how long a human can live without eating
  • [02:14:00] What happened after the story ended
  • [02:17:00] Ketchum’s Afterword
  • [02:24:00] Patreon comments
  • [02:28:00] Key takeaways
  • [02:33:00] Outtakes


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