David Moody Livestream This Is Horror Podcast for Episode 100

David Moody on Episode 100

This weekend we celebrate one hundred episodes of the This Is Horror Podcast. It’s been a wild three-plus years of fun and we’ve interviewed so many wonderful writers, editors, creatives and industry experts on the podcast. We opened episode one with Jennifer Lynch and since then we’ve had conversations with Joe Hill, Ellen Datlow, Stephen Graham Jones, John Joseph Adams, Helen Marshall, Richard Thomas and many more.

We’ve considered livestreaming before—are excited about the interaction it brings—so we decided it would be a great way to celebrate episode 100. Livestreaming with David Moody was the easiest decision in the world. David Moody has been there for This Is Horror from the start (truth be told he’s been there before the start, This Is Horror Founder Michael David Wilson interviewed him for Scream Magazine before This Is Horror was even an idea). Whenever we experiment or try something new David Moody is there. He was there for the first ever live event, alongside Adam Nevill and Gary McMahon, on Monday 31 October 2011 at the Warwick Arts Centre. Joe & Me by David Moody was the first ever This Is Horror publication on 18 June 2012. And when we decided to experiment with author-narrated story episodes of the This Is Horror Podcast it was only fitting that we kicked things off with the audio debut of Joe and Me on 23 December 2014. So here we are again with another first—the This Is Horror Podcast Live!—and once again David Moody is with us.

It takes place on Sunday July 3 at 5 p.m. and runs until 7 p.m, BST (London). Check out the World Clock to see how it works with your own timezone.

More details to follow but we hope to see many of you there in what should be the most interactive podcast to-date.


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