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Armed With Pens

I hope you won’t mind me taking a short break from our horror schedule to invite you over to a brand new editing and writing resource – Armed With Pens. It’s actually formed in response to the demand staff at This Is Horror have received for articles on the craft of writing and editing. Editor …

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Interview: Wayne C. Rogers

Wayne C. Rogers is a Las Vegas casino worker who loves to read good stories, watch entertaining movies on DVD, and write anything that comes to mind whether it’s a novel, short story, movie script, or book review. Meet The Writer: Wayne C. Rogers

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Interview: Steven Sheil

Steven Sheil is a horror film writer/director from Nottingham. His first feature Mum & Dad was released by Revolver in 2008. His second feature Dead Mine, will be released by eOne later in the year. He is also one of the co-directors of Nottingham’s Mayhem Film Festival. Interview: Steven Sheil

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Interview: Shadow Publishing

Shadow Publishing is a small press publisher run by award-winning editor and author David A. Sutton. Its aim is to publish the lesser known writers and themes in dark fantasy and horror fiction. Meet The Publisher: Shadow Publishing

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Are you the reason outsiders look down on horror?

One of the common complaints I hear from those who love the horror genre is the lack of respect given to it from those who read literary works. There appears to be an ill-informed assumption from these so-called literary snobs and those who don’t read horror material, that it’s all about zombies, vampires, werewolves and …

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What Return of the Living Dead taught us about horror

There are so many things that the iconic Return of the Living Dead has done for horror. Here, JD Gillam explores just a few of them. 11 Firsts from Return of the Living Dead

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Remembering Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

We’re all incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Ray Bradbury at This Is Horror. We are suspending the publication of any further articles and news on This Is Horror for the next twenty-four hours. In its place are reader and writer tributes to and memories of Ray Bradbury. We will be posting both …

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Flash Fiction: Spoiler by James Bennett

Today we are lucky enough to have a brand new flash fear by James Bennett, illustrated by the incredibly talented PriZeMaN of Eternal Art. Spoiler by James Bennett

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Review: Prometheus

The most anticipated sci-fi horror of the year has landed. But does Prometheus live up to the hype? Review: Prometheus

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Pat Higgins Interview Part Three

Part three of our interview with Pat Higgins has arrived. Pat Higgins Interview

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Interview: Redrum Horror

As part of our Meet The Publisher series, we caught up with Ed Kurtz of Redrum Horror. Meet The Publisher: Redrum Horror

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Prometheus is here, so let’s look back at Alien

To mark the premiere of Prometheus, Simon Marshall-Jones looks back on the legendary 1979 sci-fi horror, Alien. Looking back at Alien (before Prometheus lands)  

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Pat Higgins Interview

Welcome to part two of our interview with Pat Higgins. Pat Higgins Interview, Part II

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Review: Chill

HP Lovecraft meets Jess Franco in this ultra low-budget homemade effort that uses the classic short story ‘Cool Air’ for its inspiration but throws in some topless prostitutes with their faces peeled off for good measure. Review: Chill

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Interview: Manon Delacroix

In the first of our ‘Meet The Artist’ interview series we hook up with Manon Delacroix. Manon is a self-taught artist who has been drawing monsters and characters since she was a wee person.  She recently studied with Imaginism Studios in Canada and has worked with Mamtor Publishing, Ilex Press, ImagineFX, Dare Studios and Murky …

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