Wayne Simmons and Andre Duza unleash voodoo horror

Andre Duza

Hot off the release of Fever, Wayne Simmons has confirmed that he will be teaming up with fellow horror hack Andre Duza for an exciting collaboration. Whilst few details have been announced thus far, the work is described as a voodoo-tinged slasher horror novel that is set in 80s Louisiana. Wayne Simmons says, “After interviewing Andre back …

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Ink on Ink: PriZeMaN

Horror sleeve ink

Today we have the pleasure of introducing our readers to Essex-based tattooist, PriZeMaN of Eternal Art. Ink on Ink: PriZeMaN

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International Women’s Day: Decapitating Gingerbread Men

As some of you will know today is International Women’s Day and as way of commemoration we have one of the most exciting writers in the genre today, Cate Gardner, speaking on horror. Cate puts forward an argument – rather persuasively I’d say – that it’s horror within the innocuous that hits home far harder …

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How to deal with bad reviews and learn from them

This month Simon Marshall-Jones explores bad reviews and the lessons that can be learnt. He also explains what not to do and how to tackle one-star sticklers. How to deal with a bad review and become a better writer

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Silent Voices Are Beginning To Whisper…

Silent Voices

This Is Horror award-winning author Gary McMahon cordially extends an invitation for you to join him back in the Concrete Grove, the terrifying estate where nightmares become reality. Solaris have announced that the second instalment in McMahon’s urban trilogy, Silent Voices is due to be released in the UK on 12 April. However our American …

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Interview: Gabrielle Faust

As part of our Read Horror – Meet The Writer series we hooked up with Gabrielle Faust, author of the vampire trilogy ‘Eternal Vigilance’. Meet The Writer: Gabrielle Faust

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The Living Dead Invade Blu-Ray

Return of the Living Dead

This June sees one of the classic zombie films make its bow on Blu-Ray. Dan O’Bannon’s cult 80’s masterpiece The Return of the Living Dead will be released as a special edition double DVD and as a steelbook packaged Blu-Ray. Both editions are crammed full of extra features that will gorehounds will really appreciate. The …

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Hush Finds A New Home On Kindle


February has seen the re-release of Gavin Williams and Tim Lebbon’s co-written dark fantasy novel Hush as an e-book. After being out of print for several years this chilling tale of post-apocalyptic fantasy is now available and ready to be unleashed on a whole new generation of readers. Hush is the story of Jacob and …

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The Crow Will Fly In April

Crow's Zero

Japanese horror flick Crow’s Zero will be released on DVD in the UK on 9 April. The latest offering from controversial director Takashi Miike is billed as the Japanese take on Fight Club and promises to be as visceral as his previous offerings Audition and Ichi The Killer. The story is based on the bestselling …

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World Book Day

Simon Marshall-Jones celebrates World Book Day with his favourite books. World Book Day – Celebrating Horror

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A Sneak Peak At Spectral

Spectral Press

In addition to announcing the paperback version of The Respectable Face of Tyranny, the lovely folks at Spectral Press have made the first chapter of the highly anticipated novella from Gary Fry available on their website. We here at This Is Horror highly recommend that you check out the sample chapter and pick up a …

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Should writers worry about novel adaptations?

That’s the question that Shaun Hutson is tackling head on his latest instalment of The Gorefather. Specifically, the pulp veteran is looking at video games. Book to Video Game Adaptations

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Remembering The Dead

Surviving The Dead

Following up from the success of his film The Dead, director/producer Howard J Ford has written a thorough and honest account of the trials and tribulations of making the cult hit film. Surviving The Dead tracks the Ford brother’s filmmaking journey through testimonials and on-set pictures that get under the skin of the cinematic processes …

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Interview: Christa Faust

Alan Kelly’s at it again, this time he’s tracked down Christa Faust for an interview as part of our Women in Horror series. Interview with Christa Faust

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Tumblers by Simon Bestwick, Illustrated by Dan Henk

Our latest Flash Fear is from Simon Bestwick, author of The Faceless and is illustrated by the incredibly talented Dan Henk. Tumblers by Simon Bestwick  

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