If you’re coming to the This Is Horror Event tonight…

Milburn House

If you’re coming to our This Is Horror event tonight at The University of Warwick, there’s free parking at Milburn House after 6:30pm. Alternatively parking is free all day on Milburn Hill Road – it gets pretty busy during the day but eases up after 5pm. Just to stress the event is NOT at the …

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Resident Evil 6 Release Date and Trailer

Resident Evil 6

Survival horror fans, I am absolutely delighted to announce that earlier today Capcom announced that Resident Evil 6 will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 20 2012 with a Windows PC version to follow. The sixth instalment promises to blend a combination of action and survival horror for what could be …

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Meet The Writer: Cate Gardner

Join us for an interview with Cate Gardner, and meet the lady behind Nowhere Hall, Theatre of Curious Acts and many other magical and surreal stories. Meet The Writer: Cate Gardner

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BC Furtney and horror tattoos

BC Furtney shows off and talks us through some of his tattoos. BC is the author of Scarla, writer/director of New Terminal Hotel and – of course – our resident columnist, penning his monthly thoughts and comment in Horror of Babylon. Ink on Ink: BC Furtney

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Ask China Miéville

China Mieville

Tomorrow we will be interviewing China Miéville. If any of our readers have any questions they are dying to ask the three-time Arthur C. Clarke Award winner, please e-mail [email protected]

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How to write horror comics with award-winning author Jasper Bark

The third Injured Eyeballs column is a must for both budding comic writers and newcomers to the genre. Read on, we think you’re in for a real treat. How to write horror comics  

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Joseph D’Lacey: The Interview – Part One

Meet the man behind Meat in part one of our interview with eco-horror author Joseph D’Lacey. Remember, you can catch Joseph D’Lacey live, this Friday at The University of Warwick. E-mail [email protected] for tickets. Joseph D’Lacey Interview – Part I

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New Gary McMahon flash fiction and illustrated by Manon Delacroix

The latest in our Flash Fear has landed, and it comes to us from Gary McMahon who just yesterday scooped both the Novel of the Year and Chapbook of the Year awards in the This Is Horror Awards 2011. It is illustrated by the equally talented Manon Delacroix. Farmer Dodd’s Harvest by Gary McMahon

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This Is Horror Awards: The Winners

The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon

So, the votes are in, counted and ready to be unveiled. This Is Horror Awards 2011  

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Dan Henk speaks on horror tattoos

We interviewed tattoo artist and novelist, Dan Henk as part of our brand new Ink on Ink section. Dank Henk – Ink on Ink

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China Miéville, Joseph D’Lacey and Mark Morris: Warwick University – Friday 20 January

Please join us this Friday at The University of Warwick for an evening with China Miéville, Joseph D’Lacey and Mark Morris. Feel free to bring your own bottle/drink. The fun kicks off at 7:15pm. For tickets, queries and information such as parking/how to find the venue please do not hesitate to e-mail [email protected] Tickets are …

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Top 10 Horror Films for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Seeing as it’s Friday the 13th today, it got us thinking at This Is Horror about what films you should consider watching on this dark and cold night in the middle of winter. However, we’re tired of the same old lists that include, admittedly, classic horror films such as The Exorcist etc. Top 10 Horror …

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Film Review: Rogue River

Over the past few years we’ve seen a glut of what you might call so-called ‘torture-porn’ – low-budget American horror movies whose sole reason for existence is to essay various atrocities committed upon the human form. Rogue River falls squarely into this category, but its execution is slightly clumsier than most. Film review: Rogue River

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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, was released in 2006 with very minimal fanfare. It’s a shame as it’s probably one of the best horror films of recent times that you probably haven’t even heard of, let alone seen. It takes a cue from Scream, in that it de-constructs the slasher sub-genre and …

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Found: One Severed Head

I’ll tell you something, nothing kick-starts widespread killer-on-the-loose panic quicker than finding a severed head in a suburban shopping plaza dumpster. Well, I guess I hail from a pretty exciting enclave of morbid death and destruction, despite the disinterest that largely characterised my formative years, because that’s exactly the scenario that played out in and …

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