News Round-up Week Ending 26 April 2024

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

SongTyrantWormArriving 8 June from author Hailey Piper and Off Limits Press, Song of the Tyrant Worm

New York City, 1990: The Gray Maiden has served the almighty Worm and his faithful for her entire life. Recently that has meant abducting women off the street to find the Worm’s destined Bride, but any brutality is worth his promise of a better world to come.
Until two strangers reveal a horrifying truth—there is no future anymore. No past. Unfathomable forces have broken all sense of the world, stranding Gray in a repeating nightmare, cut off from godly promises. Her only hope is to follow these strangers out of the catastrophe, first to safety, and then to answers.
But a sinister presence lurks beyond the universe’s skin, a cosmic hunger that has haunted Gray since before she knew its name. Time breaks and starlight dies beneath uncompromising gods in the reality-shattering conclusion to The Worm and His Kings saga. Available for pre-order now in eBook and audiobook, with other physical editions to follow, you can guarantee your copy here.

AllWhoWanderAreLostAvailable now from writer Gemma Amor and Cemetery Gates Media, All Who Wander Are Lost

First Landing State Park. Antarctica. Mongolia. France. Norway. Ireland. Somerset. Egypt. A giant glacier in an unnamed land. What do all these places have in common?

They’re the perfect place to set a horror story, is what. In this brand new collection of destination based tales of terror, Bram Stoker and British Fantasy Award nominated author Gemma Amor (The Folly, Full Immersion, Six Rooms, Dear Laura) takes us on a series of adventures through the weird and the wonderful, the strange and the unexplainable, across the remotest, wildest parts of this world, and through lands yet to be discovered. Expect dark and deranged encounters, beautiful vistas, old gods, ghosts, peculiar creatures, vampires, and that most terrifying of all monsters: mankind. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.

aintnowitchcovComing 2 May from author John Linwood Grant and Mocha Memoirs Press, Ain’t No Witch: The Wanderings of Mamma Lucy

Mamma Lucy don’t suffer fools, she don’t take no sass, and she ain’t no witch. Call her hoodoo woman, conjure lady, root doctor, but call her right — you may have need of her.

From Georgia to Vermont, Mamma Lucy travels a long road, facing the darkness and injustices of haint-ridden nineteen twenties America, silver dimes at her ankle and hoodoo at her side. Available for pre-order now in eBook, with other editions to follow, you can guarantee your copy here.

RedemptionMorganBrightOut now from author Chris Panatier and Angry Robot, The Redemption of Morgan Bright

What would guilt make you do?
Hadleigh Keene died on the road leading away from Hollyhock Asylum. The reasons are unknown. Her sister Morgan blames herself. A year later with the case still unsolved, Morgan creates a false identity, that of a troubled housewife named Charlotte Turner, and goes inside.
Morgan quickly discovers that Hollyhock is… not right. She is shaken by the hospital’s peculiar routines and is soon beset by strange episodes. All the while, the persona of Charlotte takes on a life of its own, becoming stronger with each passing day. As her identity begins unraveling, Morgan finds herself tracing Hadleigh’s footsteps and peering into the places they lead.
The terrifying reality of The Redemption of Morgan Bright unfolds over the course of chapters told from the points of view of both Charlotte and Morgan, police interviews, and text messages. Available now in eBook, paperback and audiobook editions, you can grab your copy here.

EuropeaHalls3Available 1 May from writer Alan Shivers, Europa Halls 3

When the survivors of the summer massacre in Budapest are forced to go to Brussels, they will learn the hard way that the final chapter of a Slasher Trilogy always goes back to the beginning. Available to pre-order now in eBook, hardcover and paperback editions, you can guarantee your copy here.


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