4 Must Read Horror Articles

Cannibal Girls

This week on Must Read Horror Articles: ‘You are dead’: the death of Survival Horror Horror movies: Why do we pay to be scared? B-Movies Extended: Nine PG-13 Horror Movies That Don’t Suck Scary, Eh? The History of Canadian Horror If you want more useful links like the must read horror articles we highlight every …

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Interview: K. Trap Jones

K. Trap Jones is an award-winning author of literary horror novels and short stories. His passion for folklore, classic literary fiction and obscure segments within society lead to his creative writing style of filling in the gaps and walking the line between reality and fiction. With a strong inspiration from Dante Alighieri and Edgar Allan …

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Joseph D’Lacey, Pat Cadigan, Jonathan Green and Jasper Bark – London, November 16

As reported earlier this month, the next This Is Horror event will take place at Blackwell’s Charing Cross, London branch on Friday November 16, 2012. Kicking off promptly at 6pm and running through until 8pm, the evening celebrates the launch of Joseph D’Lacey’s forthcoming, Blood Fugue. The event features readings from Arthur C. Clarke award-winner, …

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News Round-up Week Ending 19 October

The Shining

Adam Nevill – House of Small Shadows Fresh from winning The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel at Fantasycon 2012, Adam Nevill has released the cover (left) for his forthcoming new chiller House of Small Shadows. The book will be released in 2013, keep checking This Is Horror for further updates on the release date. …

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The Concrete Grove Trilogy – Competition Winning Story

Remember a month, or so, back when we announced a competition to win The Concrete Grove trilogy? Contestants had to submit an ending to Gary McMahon’s short story, You Haven’t Seen Me, set in the concrete grove universe. The standard of entries was incredibly high, and we’re delighted to announce that the winner is Ray …

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Review: We Are the Night

Hollywood seems to be stuck in a perpetual loop; remaking films that don’t need to be remade and always looking for a fresh twist on an old idea that’s already been covered to death. Therefore, it’s always refreshing to find a little gem that comes out of nowhere. We Are the Night is a German …

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Nominations for This Is Horror Awards 2012 close in 2 weeks

If you’d like to put something or someone forward for a This Is Horror Award 2012 then remember the public nominations are only open until 12:01am Wednesday 31 October, 2012. After public nominations, a panel which is comprised of This Is Horror staff members – all of who have no affiliation to any of the …

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Review: In The Tall Grass by Stephen King and Joe Hill

In The Tall Grass is the product of a collaboration between two members of the most talented family in horror, Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. The story was originally published in Esquire magazine earlier this year and is King’s second collaboration with Hill after their 2009 novella Throttle. Read more…

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Paul Kane and Red Splat Pictures team up for Lunar film

Paul Kane, genre favourite and award-winning writer perhaps best known for the Arrowhead trilogy, is collaborating with Red Splat Pictures for forthcoming film Lunar. Dubbed as in the tradition of I Am Legend and Night of the Living Dead, this will certainly whet the appetite of most horror fans. Brad Watson who will be directing …

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Interview: M.D. Lachlan

MD Lachlan is the pen name of writer and journalist Mark Barrowcliffe. Mark has written eight novels which have been translated into fifteen languages. He has written in genres as diverse as romantic comedy, magical realism, memoir and horror/fantasy. He also ghost writes for celebrities. Read more…

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Meet The Artist: Tim Sparvero

Tim Sparvero is an artist born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is currently based out of New Jersey. He attended the New York School of Visual Arts and Rutgers University. Tim currently works for the Newark Star-Ledger newspaper as an artist and has done work for Strange Aeons Magazine and The Times of Trenton. He runs …

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Review: The Fields

The cornfield is a horror trope that has been used countless times and it is utilised here yet again, to decent effect. The tall stalks can hide a myriad of horrors and on this occasion, they do just that. Read more…

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Spectral Press at FantasyCon 2012

Brighton’s an interesting place in terms of contrast: it’s where many retire to in their twilight years, and it’s a seaside resort attracting thousands of tourists every year; it is also incredibly bohemian in disposition and atmosphere, plus it’s the gay capital of the UK. It’s full of fascinating examples of architecture from the last …

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Review: The Pact

When their mother dies, Annie (Lotz) receives a telephone call from her estranged sister Nicole (Bruckner), asking her to come home and help her sort out the funeral and estate. Annie reluctantly agrees but when she arrives, Nicole is nowhere to be found. Putting it down to a relapse by her former drug addict sibling, …

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Review: Hush by Tim Lebbon and Gavin Williams

Originally published in 2001 by Razorblade Press, Hush was short-listed for the August Derleth Award for Best Novel at the British Fantasy Awards. It’s been twelve years since it was released to critical acclaim, and has now been re-released in digital format through BadPress. Read more…

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