TIH 184: Jasper Bark on Quiet Places, The Way of the Barefoot Zombie, and Cosmic vs Folk Horror

TIH 184 Jasper Bark on Quiet Places, The Way of the Barefoot Zombie, and Cosmic vs Folk Horror

In this podcast Jasper Bark talks about Quiet PlacesThe Way of the Barefoot Zombie, Cosmic vs Folk Horror, and much more.

About Jasper Bark

Jasper Bark is an award-winning novelist, children’s author and comic book writer. Famed for his imaginative storytelling he’s published four novels, twelve children’s books and countless comics and graphic novels. His work has been translated into nine languages and is used in schools throughout the UK to improve literacy. He regularly performs his work all over the country, on the radio and through regular podcasts.

Show notes

  • [02:40] Interview start/Quiet Places. Kev Harrison, via Patreon, asks Quiet Places approach to planning and writing
  • [12:20] Voodoo zombies in The Way of the Barefoot Zombie
  • [16:50] Ticking timebomb in Quiet Places
  • [20:45] Differences and commonalities between cosmic and folk horror
  • [28:50] Political polarity
  • [46:00] Monster vs monster
  • [53:00]  Mainlining books into your consciousness
  • [01:04:20] Thomas Joyce, via Patreon, asks what inspires Jasper to write
  • [01:07:50] Greatest achievements in writing career
  • [01:11:55] Goals for the future
  • [01:15:15] Books that have reframed Jasper’s view of the world
  • [01:24:30] ParAssassin
  • [01:29:20] Connect with Jasper Bark

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