5 Halloween Stories to Read

The Faceless

Here at This Is Horror we have put together a list of recommended spooky reads that will send a shiver down your spine on All Hallows’ Eve. Please bear in mind, we take no responsibility for the terror induced by our recommendations! Read more…  

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Halloween Special: A Zombie-busting anniversary

Well, another Halloween fast approaches, and it’s always been my favourite holiday. Let’s face it, whenever the ghosts and ghouls come out to play, it makes just about everything more entertaining. Stuck in traffic? Look, there’s a masked guy wielding a machete. Caught at the red light? Look, a toothless crack whore with track marks. …

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The importance of editing, Simon Bestwick & nuns, and the perfect Halloween viewing

Without editors, gentle reader, most people in my profession would be screwed. Editors wipe our noses, change our nappies and make certain we’re not late for nursery school. They also pay off the police, bury the bodies, buy up all those naked photos from when we were young and needed the money and burn them …

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6 Must Read Halloween Horror Articles

Michael Myers Happy Halloween

Every week we highlight to you the very best horror articles across the globe. This week, however, we’re doing things slightly differently, you see with Halloween around the corner we thought it might be nice to highlight 6 Must Read Halloween articles – well almost, actually there are 4 must read articles and 2 must see …

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News Round-up Week Ending 26 October


NOS4A2 details continue to emerge Joe Hill has announced details of his new novel NOS4A2, through the Cemetery Dance website. Hill said the book is about  “a very bad man with a very bad car. Bad things happen to the children who get in the car with him. These children wind up being driven to a place …

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Hop Farm Freak Week Returns

The Hatch

The award winning Hop Farm Freak Weak returns this year from 25-31 October at The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood in Kent. The festival has introduced a trio of new events this year with the highlight being a terrifying attraction, billed as the world’s first crawling horror experience – The Hatch. The Hatch is where six schoolchildren …

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Review: Coldbrook by Tim Lebbon

Coldbrook is a new horror novel from bestselling author Tim Lebbon. The story revolves around a secret facility deep in the Appalachian Mountains – named after the eponymous and deceased genius Bill Coldbrook – where a small team of scientists have achieved the impossible: breaking through from Earth into a parallel reality. Aging Jonah Jones …

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Interview: Harry Manfredini – Part II

The Friday the 13th sequels reused a lot of your music as well as you composing new material. Did the studio come and ask you for, say, ‘ten minutes of new music for the next one’? HM: No. The studio never made any particular demands about the music – they were just pleased with the …

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Interview: Carole Jahme

Carole Jahme began her professional career as an actress and circus performer, she moved into wildlife filmmaking, dived into evolutionary theory and today writes about science. But she also uses her imagination to write fiction, primarily horror that is informed by evolutionary science. Read more…

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Interview: Harry Manfredini – Part I

Mention the name Harry Manfredini to any fan of horror movie music and the chances are they will respond with the classic whispering themes of his iconic music to the Friday the 13th series films. As well as writing the scores to eight of the ten movies in that series Harry has worked with Wes …

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4 Must Read Horror Articles

Cannibal Girls

This week on Must Read Horror Articles: ‘You are dead’: the death of Survival Horror Horror movies: Why do we pay to be scared? B-Movies Extended: Nine PG-13 Horror Movies That Don’t Suck Scary, Eh? The History of Canadian Horror If you want more useful links like the must read horror articles we highlight every …

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Interview: K. Trap Jones

K. Trap Jones is an award-winning author of literary horror novels and short stories. His passion for folklore, classic literary fiction and obscure segments within society lead to his creative writing style of filling in the gaps and walking the line between reality and fiction. With a strong inspiration from Dante Alighieri and Edgar Allan …

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Joseph D’Lacey, Pat Cadigan, Jonathan Green and Jasper Bark – London, November 16

As reported earlier this month, the next This Is Horror event will take place at Blackwell’s Charing Cross, London branch on Friday November 16, 2012. Kicking off promptly at 6pm and running through until 8pm, the evening celebrates the launch of Joseph D’Lacey’s forthcoming, Blood Fugue. The event features readings from Arthur C. Clarke award-winner, …

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News Round-up Week Ending 19 October

The Shining

Adam Nevill – House of Small Shadows Fresh from winning The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel at Fantasycon 2012, Adam Nevill has released the cover (left) for his forthcoming new chiller House of Small Shadows. The book will be released in 2013, keep checking This Is Horror for further updates on the release date. …

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The Concrete Grove Trilogy – Competition Winning Story

Remember a month, or so, back when we announced a competition to win The Concrete Grove trilogy? Contestants had to submit an ending to Gary McMahon’s short story, You Haven’t Seen Me, set in the concrete grove universe. The standard of entries was incredibly high, and we’re delighted to announce that the winner is Ray …

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