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Horror of Babylon

BC Furtney investigatesBC Furtney, director of Do Not Disturb and author of Scarla, scribes his thoughts on all that is horror.

June 2011: Social networking in the horror genre
July 2011: Was The Book of Revelation one big trip?

August 2011: Who took the horror out of horror?

September 2011: What is horror and why it doesn’t matter

October 2011: Happy Halloween

November 2011: Why are youngsters shying away from books?

December 2011: Is there a racist in your neighbourhood?

January 2012: Found: One Severed Head
February 2012: Real life horror: Annette Bright and Charles Koschalk

March 2012: What’s the worst that could happen at Motel 6?
April 2012: The VCR Era
May 2012: Looking back on Horror (a year in Babylon)
June 2012: 5 Classic Horror Movies (and an XXX parody)
July 2012: Exclusive excerpt from Scarla sequel
August 2012: Distractions and the modern artist
September 2012: BC Furtney interviews Kate McGray
October 2012: Happy Halloween 2: Crushing Passion vs. Bloody Commerce (aka Fiends Unite!)

Halloween Special 2012: A Zombie Busting Anniversary
December 2012: Sex & Death in Room 6669: The Best (and Worst) Motel Horror

Season Two

June 2013: Chop, Chop, Chop
July 2013: What’s The Message?
August 2013: New Boss, Same As The Old
September 2013: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
October 2013: Happy Halloween 3: The Devil Made ’Em Do It
November 2013: It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

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