BC FurtneyHorror of Babylon (BC Furtney)

BC Furtney, director of New Terminal Hotel and author of Scarla, scribes his thoughts on all that is horror.





Jasper BarkInjured Eyeballs (Jasper Bark)

Jasper Bark’s graphic novel column, part of our ‘Graphic Horror’ brand.





Emma RobinsMeet The Reader (Emma Robins)

Resident columnist and horror critic Emma Robins writes a column for you the fans of This Is Horror, this is your own space. Contact Emma now if you want to be featured in Meet The Reader.



Simon Marshall-JonesRe(a)d-Letter Day (Simon Marshall-Jones)

Simon Marshall-Jones, the man behind Spectral Press, writes the monthly column, Re(a)d-Letter Day. He is also the former Reviews and Fiction Editor at This Is Horror, and currently writes for Interzone Magazine.




John Llewellyn ProbertThe Bloodstained Balcony (John Llewellyn Probert)

John Llewellyn Probert is the author of the award-winning Amicus-style portmanteau short story collection The Faculty of Terror and its follow up The Catacombs of Fear (both available from Gray Friar Press). His latest collection is Wicked Delights from Atomic Fez. For more about his fiction visit John Llewellyn Probert’s Website. You can also catch up with his thoughts on horror movies past and present at his House of Mortal Cinema.


Shaun Hutson This Is HorrorThe Gorefather (Shaun Hutson)

Welcome to Shaun Hutson’s monthly column. He has written over thirty novels since his debut Slugs back in 1982 – this was later made into a film.

Each month This Is Horror, or a guest, asks Shaun a question that forms the basis of his column.



Geoff BrownAntipodean Nights (Geoff Brown)

Geoff Brown, the current president of the Australian Horror Writer’s Association, scribes his thoughts on horror with a down under flavour.





simon bestwickHeretic Songs (Simon Bestwick)

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