News Round-up Week Ending 3 May 2024

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

BeyondtheBoundsofInfinityArriving 10 July from editors Vaughn A. Jackson and Stephanie Pearre, and Raw Dog Screaming Press, Beyond the Bounds of Infinity

Welcome to a world of horror viewed through a kaleidoscope lens. Embark on a journey to untangle the writhing tendrils of human terror in a dimension where the possible and impossible blend-an unstable realm where comfort can be found in the coldest pits, and dark gods feast upon the sweetest suffering-where infernal sounds birth silent letters that drift along midnight shores and the unexplained lurks beneath crumbling urban structures. Step over the edge of what you think you know, and find yourself … Beyond the Bounds of Infinity!

Featuring stories by L. Marie Wood, S.A. Cosby, Jessica McHugh, and Mary SanGiovanni-alongside newer voices like Cassius Kilroy, Jessica L. Sparrow, and Vicky Velvet-Beyond the Bounds of Infinity offers a collection of weird fiction and cosmic horror stories that are diverse down to the cellular level. From Taíno folk horror to the horror of identity in a world that just doesn’t understand, from cozy to apocalyptic, and everything in between, let these authors show you what fear really is, and what it means to them. Available to pre-order now in paperback and hardcover editions, you can guarantee your copy here.

sonoranhorrorAvailable now from editor A. A. Medina and Aphotic Realm, Sonoran Horror

Dark and spooky forests: countless horror stories take place within them. It’s a tried-and-true setting for the genre and, although those tales are enjoyable, they can get a little redundant.
From the deadly, blazing hot temperatures and sudden, destructive monsoons, to the flora that is almost as hostile as the wildlife, the Sonoran Desert can be a truly terrifying place. And that doesn’t even mention the long history of paranormal activity and mysterious folklore that accompanies the area. Jump into seventeen spooky stories of desert horror and survival! Available now in eBook and paperback editions, you can grab your copy here.


Up now on Kickstarter, Arabian Nightmares, an anthology of Arabian horror created by Daniel Habib

Although modern horror doesn’t have a rich history in the Arab world, there is a well of fascinating stories out there, bubbling just beneath the surface – stories inspired by the pervasive and enduring influence of folktales on the collective imagination in the region.

Horror is the perfect genre for dealing with society’s anxieties, and the Arab world is certainly no stranger to anxiety and uncertainty. Arabian Nightmares is a release valve for that tension. There is no better catharsis than to use these tales of thrills and chills to explore the darkness that we’ve collectively faced.

We created this anthology because we truly believe there is an audience waiting for well-made horror literature from the region. Stories that are rooted in local lore and shared cultural heritage. With access to talented authors, diverse voices and landscapes, and a rich tradition of oral folk tales, the Arab world is ready to be horrified. But to fully realize a project like Arabian Nightmares, the creators need your help to bring it to life. To see a full list of the  perks available and full details of the anthology, click here.

DarkDescendantsOut now from author Stacey L Pierson and Anuci Press, Dark Descendants

Pine Island, where mainlanders aren’t allowed, is alive with ghost stories and dares that fuel rumors. Everything changes when a flyer featuring a teen from the island lands on Sheriff Theresa ‘Tre” Finkle’s desk. She never expected to return to the sickle-shaped island she fled in the middle of the night eighteen years ago.

Instantly Shunned as her boots hit the dock, Tre has no choice but to depend on her by-the-book deputy, soon treated like royalty, and her eccentric, lantern-carrying alcoholic brother, Jacob ‘Finkle’ Finkle, for help.

A mutilated body is discovered deep in the woods, Tre’s deputy vanishes, the dead reappear, and Tre begins to stalk herself as the strange traditions reach out their arms to embrace her once again. But, just as the Finkle siblings realize what’s going on – it’s too late because what’s in the dark emerges to take a breath. Available now in eBook and paperback editions, you can pick up your copy here.

TheOnlyWayOutisThroughComing 21 May from writer Paul Michael Anderson and Cemetery Gates Media, The Only Way Out is Through

You move to a new area, hoping for a fresh start.
You bury yourself in a new career, hoping for an identity.
But the new area has roads no one travels down if they can help it, and the people stare at you with secrets behind their eyes that were old before you were born. But the new career has responsibilities that no one warned you about, and the duties weigh on your soul.
Charlie Brooks, a man with a painful past, is about to learn that not even a symbol of law and order can maintain control when forces beyond comprehension want to break through. In a time before instant digital connection and distrust in the world around us, Charlie Brooks will learn how escape is impossible. Available for pre-order now in eBook, with other editions to follow, you can guarantee your copy here.


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