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– A –

Atkins, Peter. Rumours of the Marvellous

– B –

Barber, Richard Farren. The Sleeping Dead
Bark, Jasper. Dead Air
Bark, Jasper. Way of the Barefoot Zombie
Berry, Hannah. Adamtine (Graphic Novel)
Bestwick, Simon. Let’s Drink to the Dead
Bestwick, Simon. The Faceless

Brooks, Max. Closure, Limited
Brown, Geoff. Midnight Echo, Issue 9
Burge, Weldon (Editor). Zippered Flesh

– C –

Campbell, Ramsey. Holes for Faces
Cesare, Adam. Video Night
Chetwynd-Hayes, R. The Monster Club
Clarke, Roger. A Natural History of Ghosts: 500 Years of Hunting for Proof

– D –

Davis, Alex (Editor). No Monsters Allowed
D’Lacey, Joseph. Black Feathers
D’Lacey. Blood Fugue
D’Lacey, Joseph. Splinters
D’Lacey, Joseph. The Book of the Crowman
D’Lacey, Joseph. The Kill Crew

– E –

Englund, Robert. Hollywood Monster
Ewing, Al. The Fictional Man

– F –

Finch, Paul. King Death
Finch, Paul. Sparrowhawk
Fletcher, Tom. The Ravenglass Eye
Fowler, Christopher. Hell Train
Fowler, Christopher. Plastic
Furtney, BC. Scarla

– G –

Gallagher, Stephen. The Box
Garner, Alan. Boneland
Gates, Josh. Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter
Gilbert, Stephen. Ratman’s Notebooks
Goodfellow, Cody. Curran, Tim. Snell, DL. Sammons, Brian M. Conyers, David. Cthulhu Unbound 3
Goodman, Derek J. The Reanimation of Edward Schuett
Grimwood, Terry. Soul Masque
Gudgion, Geoffrey. Saxon’s Bane

– H –

Haynes, Steve (Editor). The Best British Fantasy 2013
Herbert, James. Ash
Hill, Joe. NOS4R2 (NOS4A2)
Hutson, Shaun. Assassin
Hutson, Shaun. Renegades

– J –

Jeffrey, Shaun. Deadfall
Jeter, K.W. Jefferson Jones, Gareth. Death’s Apprentice: A Grimm City Novel
Johnstone, Carole. Cold Turkey
Jones, Stephen (Editor). A Book of Horrors
Jones, Stephen (Editor). Weirder Shadows over Innsmouth
Jordan, Lee F. Hell’s Doctor
Joshi, ST (Editor). Searchers After Horror

– K –

Kane, Paul. O’Regan, Marie. The Mammoth Book of Body Horror
Ketchum, Jack. McKee, Lucky. The Woman

King, Stephen. 11.22.63
King, Stephen. Doctor Sleep
King, Stephen. Joyland
King, Stephen. Mile 81
King, Stephen. Mr Mercedes
King, Stephen. Revival
King, Stephen. Hill, Joe. In The Tall Grass

  – L –

Lebbon, Tim. Coldbrook
Lebbon, Tim. Williams, Gavin. Hush

Lindqvist, John Ajvide. Let the Old Dreams Die
Littlewood, Alison. A Cold Season
Littlewood, Alison. Path of Needles
Littlewood, Alison. The Unquiet House
Livings, Martin. Carnies
Long, Timothy W. Among The Dead

– M –

Magrs, Paul. Spanish Girls
Marshall-Jones, Simon (Editor). The 13 Ghosts of Christmas
McBride, Michael. Predatory Instinct
McGeagh, Stephen. Habit
McMahon, Gary. Beyond Here Lies Nothing

McMahon, Gary. Dead Bad Things
McMahon, Gary. Reaping The Dark
McMahon, Gary. Silent Voices
McMahon, Gary. The Bones of You
McMahon, Gary. The Concrete Grove
McMahon, Gary (Editor). Visions Fading Fast
McMahon, Gary. What They Hear in the Dark
Meikle, William. Dark Melodies
Moody, David. Hater
Morrigan, Bryon. Acheron
Morris, Mark. The Fixation
Morris, Mark (Editor). The Spectral Book of Horror Stories
Morris, Mark. Vampire Circus

– N –

Nevill, Adam. House of Small Shadows
Nevill, Adam. Last Days
Nevill, Adam. The Ritual
Nicolay, Scott. Ana Kai Tangata
Niveau, Thana. From Hell To Eternity

– O – 

Ochse, Weston. Nancy Goats
O’Driscoll, Mike. Eyepennies
Oliver, Jonathan (Editor). Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane
Oliver, Jonathan (Editor). End of the Road
Oliver, Jonathan (Editor). The End of the Line

– P –

Piccirilli, Tom. Every Shallow Cut
Powell, Aaron Ross. The Hole
Probert, John Llewellyn. The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine

– R –

Reynolds, Graeme. High Moor

– S –

Sebold, Gaie. Dangerous Gifts
Simmons, Wayne. Doll Parts
Simmons, Wayne. Drop Dead Gorgeous
Simmons, Wayne. Fever
Simmons, Wayne. Plastic Jesus

– T –

Tallis, F.R. The Sleep Room
Tem, Steve Rasnic. Blood Kin
Thomas, Lynne M. Apex Magazine #44
Tidhar, Lavie. Osama
Timmon’s Stan. Ammon’s Horn

– U –

Unsworth, Simon Kurt. Quiet Houses
Unsworth, Simon Kurt. Rough Music

– V –

Vincent, Bev. The Dark Tower Companion: A Guide to Stephen King’s Epic Fantasy
Volk, Stephen. Whitstable

– W –

Wearing, Adele (Collector). Tales of the Nun and Dragon
Wendig, Chuck. Blackbirds
Wendig, Chuck. Mockingbird
Wendig, Chuck. The Blue Blazes
Wendig, Chuck. The Cormorant
West, Mark (Editor). Anatomy of Death: In Five Sleazy Pieces

West, Mark. The Mill
Wiehe, Fred. Aleric: Monster Hunter
West, Mark. What gets Left Behind

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