Audiobook Review: The Fixation by Mark Morris

Hammer ChillersThe Fixation by Mark Morris is the second in the Hammer Chillers series and carries on the superb standard set by the previous episode. The story focuses on Ian Hibbert and his crusade to rid his town of the plague of rubbish and anti-social behaviour to which it seems to be succumbing. Enlisting the help of his neighbours and his family, Ian’s campaign is hit by a series of setbacks that grow increasingly violent and sinister as time progresses.

The Fixation is a more ambitious and incident filled story than the previous Hammer Chillers instalment, it encompasses a wider range of scenarios and characters, yet still has a tight if mildly predictable plot. The characters are expertly realised and have their own unique mannerisms when they converse. Stand-up comedian Miles Jupp is superb as the crusty middle-aged Ian Hibbert as he tries to force a sense of civic duty onto the rest of the cast.

Whilst the narrative zips forward and no scene is wasted, some of the dialogue is a bit trite early on. That said, the story builds nicely towards its climax and there are a number of tense, vividly portrayed scenes involving hooded yobs. Morris is able to construct a growing sense of unease throughout the story and whilst the main character’s bloody-minded approach to anti-littering does begin to grate after a while, it does not detract from the overall power and social commentary of the theme.

Mark Morris has produced a tight yet ambitious plot punctuated with plenty of tension and incident. The Fixation is a fantastic second entry to the series and really whets the appetite for what is still to come from this increasingly impressive line of audio plays.


Extra Info

Writer: Mark Morris
Starring: Miles Jupp, Camille Coduri, Ewan Bailey, Jacqueline King
Running time: 30 minutes
Release date: 14 June 2013

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