News Round-up Week Ending 28 October 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

StoriesOfTheEyeOut now from Weird Punk Books and editors Sam Richard and Joe Koch, Stories of the Eye

This brand-new horror anthology explores the relationships between artists and their subjects. Edited by Sam Richard & Joe Koch. Beauty is a knife. Between the desire to create and the thing created, the model is a key, a stepping stone, a participant othered through the process of creation. These thirteen visions of modern horror dissect the relationship between artist and model, exposing the spaces the eye is tricked into missing where we witness the beautiful and monstrous intricacies of making and being made. Featuring stories by Hailey Piper, Andrew Wilmot, Gwendolyn Kiste and many more, you can pick up your copy in paperback format here.

CatBoxNew from author Anthony Self, Cat Box and Other Strange Tales

Sssh, there’s no monsters under the bed, hun. You know that. Just your father. Now make sure the chains are secure and get back to sleep, okay sweetie? A sentient AI wants to play games with a man trapped in a house. A horror magazine editor travels to a secluded island to find a film that makes you go mad when you watch it. A podcaster tries to get rid of a body on a boat with no fuel. And a cat uses a veterinarian as its living host to take over the world. Anthony Self’s debut collection of short stories joyfully combines the macabre, surreal and the downright ludicrous nature of existentialism in these poignant tales to make you feel a little bit different in a world that wants you to fit in. Available in paperback and eBook editions, you can grab your copy here now.

EnterTheDarknessArriving 7 November from writer Sarah Budd and Brigids Gate Press, Enter the Darkness

During the Spring Solstice, four people enter the caves underneath London. Garth: a shy young man, who seeks to save the girl of his dreams. Cassie: a beautiful young woman, who seeks to use the dark magic of the caves for her own purposes. Bill: an older man with a terrible secret, who seeks to find Garth and Cassie before it’s too late. Sienna: a con artist with a dark past, who seeks to escape her fate as a chosen sacrifice. Four people enter. Each of them must battle their personal demons before facing the White Lady, who rises each year during the Spring Solstice with a hunger for human flesh. Only one of them will survive. Who will it be? Available for pre-order now in paperback and eBook, you can guarantee your copy here.

BeneathTheStaticOut now from writer T. J. Lea and Sleepless Sanctuary Publishing, Beneath the Static

How far would you go to keep a secret? Everyone has them. Some are bigger than others. All of us wish to keep them private. Especially the group of teenagers known as “The Sages”, each with dark secrets locked deep within them. Secrets that someone wishes to drag to the surface. In a port town known as Mantis Bay, a group of friends gather in a basement in a bid to film the next internet viral hit. Reaction content is on fire right now. They just need to find something to react to. That’s how they discover Beneath The Static… and its disturbing presenter JJ Watson. What follows is a series of broadcasts that begin to unravel their collective truths. The Sages must overcome emotional and physical trauma, past sins and nightmares to confront JJ Watson… but can they survive their secrets being dragged into the light? Can they survive what lurks Beneath The Static? Available now in paperback and eBook formats, you can grab your copy here.

FearForgeOut now from Horrorsmith Publishing and editor Lyndsey Smith, Fear Forge Anthology: Winter Quartet 2022

A forged mask that communicates with the dead, a cable repairman called to investigate an empty field…or so he thinks, a father-son DIY project not quite working as intended, an excavation going horribly awry, and a blacksmith called to do the bidding of an old god. An unfortunate series of events, indeed… These infernal souls, and many others, are all part of the Fear Forge—the first edition of Horrorsmith Publishing’s debut anthology series. It features tales told of cursed smelters, haunted crafted objects, and the degradation of relationships forged within the fires of vengeance. For these authors, fear has forged with the mundane, turning simple rings, rockers, and candles into ravenous blacksmiths of destiny that have doomed us all. Available now in eBook format, you can grab your copy here.

TurnTurn, the new novel from writer Patrick Barb and Alien Buddha Press, out now

A Blood-Draining, Piledriving Spandex Gothic Horror Tag Team. In the world of indie wrestling deathmatches, perpetual jobber Bug discovers the champ David Draxel is a real vampire using the ultraviolent hardcore matches to hide his feedings. Drawn to Draxel’s power, Bug will sacrifice everything in a maddening quest for immortality inside and outside the ring. Available now in paperback format, you can grab your copy here.


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