TOD 024 Nadia Bulkin: Mechanisms of Upheaval

In this podcast Scott Nicolay interviews Nadia Bulkin, author of She Said Destroy. Also special guest Sandra Kasturi, author and editor/publisher of ChiZine Publications!

Show Notes

Author Nadia Bulkin, author of She Said Destroy (Word Horde), joins Scott to talk about her acclaimed debut collection, including her first pro sale (‘Intertropical Convergence Zone’) to ChiZine (2008), the long influence of her Indonesian background on specific stories,  the ‘flexibility’ that Weird fiction vs horror opens up,  the unexplained as the ‘glory’ of the Weird, Stephen King, Lovecraft’s shadow, the monster as tool or weapon, writing women to identify with, expanding representation and agency and envisioning yourself as hero vs victim, pregnant women as more than vessels, supernatural vengeance, addressing overt and non-overt methods of societal control, the expanding scope of humanity’s insignificance, hope in cosmic horror, the absurdity of politics,  a reading from her story ‘Endless Life’ (1:02:54 to 1:11:09), her first novel and other current  and upcoming projects, and her recommended writers including Carrie Laben and Josh Malerman.

Special Guest: Sandra Kasturi, ChiZine

(01:23:49) Author/Editor/Publisher Sandra Kasturi shares the latest publishing news from ChiZine Publications, including leveling the genre publishing playing field with a purposefully more inclusive submissions period (August-December 2018), advice to writers such as the editorial joy of a simple cover letter, ChiZine’s Fall 2017 and upcoming releases such as The Little World of Humongo Bongo by George Romero and a new novel by Brian Hodge, Sandra’s own poetry and fiction, and the Weird osmosis of Agatha Christie.

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Show Credits

Host/Executive Producer: Scott Nicolay

Co-Host, News From the Weird: Justin Steele

Associate Producer/Show Notes: Anya Martin

Logo Design: Nick “The Hat” Gucker

Music: Michael Griffin

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