News Round-up Week Ending 17 November 2017

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

where nightmares come from full cover

New non-fiction release from Crystal Lake Publishing, Where Nightmares Come From out today

A must for horror writers and readers alike, Where Nightmares Come From is the new non-fiction release from Crystal Lake Publishing which aims to distill the process of bringing horror to life, whether it be through film, novels, short fiction or whatever.  With a contributor list that includes contributions from luminaries like Joe R. Lansdale, Richard Thomas, Mercedes M. Yardley and Mort Castle, this book will tell you all about how horror gets from the dark corners of one’s mind on to the page or the screen. Grab your copy here.

Imaginary-fiendsHorror comic legend Tim Seeley (Re-animatorArmy of Darkness) returns with Imaginary Fiends

Horror comic fans are in for a treat with the release next week of DC Comics’ new property Imaginary Fiends created by Tim Seeley. In a fusion of horror and science-fiction, Imaginary Fiends focuses on monsters that live among us and the people charged with keeping them in check. The initial run is slated for a six part mini-series and it remains to be seen whether DC Comics will extend the run. The new comic will be on the shelf on 22 November.

night-roads-ecoverNew release, Night Roads, by John C. Foster available now through Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

Following on from the acclaimed Dead Men, the first book in the Libros de Inferno series, John C Foster’s new release, Night Roads has just been released by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. The Libros de Inferno series sees the central characters driving through a nightmare version of Americana, encountering horrors that are sure to keep you awake at night. The new book promises more focus on the ‘Hoodoo girl’ as seen on the front cover and, according to the writer himself it is a book in which “evil is ascendent.” Find your copy here.


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