TIH 039: Bob Pastorella on Weird Crime, Writing Groups and Great Storytelling

Bob Pastorella

In this podcast Bob Pastorella talks about weird crime, writing critique groups and great storytelling.

About Bob Pastorella

Bob Pastorella lives in Southeast Texas. He’s the author of ‘To Watch Is Madness’, and has been featured in The Booked. AnthologyWarmed & Bound: A Velvet Anthology, and In Search of A City: Los Angeles In 1000 Words. A staff writer for ManArchy Magazine, Bob’s short fiction has appeared in numerous publications. Bob is currently writing a horror/crime novel.

Show notes

  • [00:40] About Bob Pastorella
  • [07:48] Weird crime. ‘To Watch is Madness’
  • [15:19] Different stories in the same location
  • [23:04] Approaching the subject of rape sensitively within fiction
  • [32:25] Jim Thompson, Joe Lansdale and other influences
  • [45:20] Write Club, The Velvet and Writing Critique Groups
  • [57:10] Becoming published vs becoming a great storyteller


TIH 033: To Watch Is Madness by Bob Pastorella
To Watch Is Madness by Bob Pastorella (UK)
To Watch Is Madness by Bob Pastorella (US)

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