5 Must Read Horror Articles 13 April 2015


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A Short History of Bigfoot in the Movies

Every now and then, in what we like to call ‘real life’, some geezer captures this elusive beast on what appears to be a twenty pixel video camera. However, for an idea of what old hairy-arse might look like with less grain (seriously, dude, get a better camera), check out this brief history of Bigfoot in the movies from Den of Geek.

Returning to The Long Walk by Ed Gorman

In this article over at Stephen King Revisited, the legendary Ed Gorman takes a look back The Long Walk.

The Doors to Horror

Horror films are as ubiquitous as ever before; the only trouble is that the awful continue to massively outnumber the good. So what makes a great horror film? Arkansas Online offers up its own opinion.

The Test of Time: The Dead Zone (1983)

Arrow in the Head’s The Test of Time scrutinises David Cronenberg’s 1983 adaptation of the Stephen King classic, The Dead Zone, but how well has it dated?

10 Great Spanish Horror Films That Are Worth Your Time

Con los años, España fue apagado algunas películas maravillosas de terror…oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. What I meant to say was, check out this list of great Spanish horror films worthy of your time, according to Taste of Cinema.


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