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We Are the Night poster imageHollywood seems to be stuck in a perpetual loop; remaking films that don’t need to be remade and always looking for a fresh twist on an old idea that’s already been covered to death. Therefore, it’s always refreshing to find a little gem that comes out of nowhere. We Are the Night is a German production regarding vampires. No, no, no falling asleep at the back. This is no Twilight wannabe or rip-off.

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  1. Now, this is what I am doing with my spider characters and although they are dark and creepy beings, they do live normal like humans and does all the things that the humans do, except they’re cursed and bare a deadly mark of the spider. I won’t give away too many details because then, you might get turned off by it if you know too much, but it reads about like a night soap opera, I will say compare it too falcon crest or dynasty. I think there is a great need for new and different things and things that are exciting and will keep you on edge until the end. I have written an book one called Nor Marie: VORNALLA WALCKENAER, a spider mystery novella. And then, there is a book two I am in the middle of typing up as I write this out. It’s titled: Nor Marie: the rise of the barbarian spiders, and it’s even better than the first one. In the first book a thirty year old college senior estranged wealthy uncle jamie beverly diesw and leaves his estate and money to his only living relative, that’s his nephew, VERMONT WESLIK, a student at Salem State College in his hometown of Old Salem Masssachuttsetts and after the funeral and burial of his uncle VERMONT leaves to travel around the world in search of his one true love GRAYA NIGHT and diecides to take a rest in the lower bann valley of Northern Ireland and discovers a strange woman at a cottage called Sharrow Inn, who claims at first to be named VORNALLA YAZSTON when in fact she is later found out by a friend of vermont who happens to be a former professor at the college vermont attends, reveals to vermont that vornalla and her family are walckenaers of 1809 Latrodectus, black widow barbarian spiders and highly dangerous beings, and there’s more the others in her family all are spiders, but they have different marks, identifying who they are. I love dark and spooky tales and my novel will spook many. Yes, it’s true the literary and tv world needs a change besides all the remakes and using quotes of other authors. And that is just what my novel titled Nor Marie is a exciting and refreshing change.

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