Look Out For … Goddess of Filth by V. Castro

Goddess of Filth by V. Castro - cover“With her latest novella, Castro conjures a fast-paced, hard-hitting tale of possession and the power of friendship straight out of Aztec mythology.”

On a hot summer night, five friends … Lourdes, Ana, Pauline, Fernanda, and Perla … have a séance. Everything is fun and games and tipsy laughter, but soon their giggles turn to horror when their prayer candles burst into flames and Fernanda begins to crawl to her friends while chanting in the language of their Aztec ancestors, Nahuatl.

Fernanda continues to act strange over the next few weeks: cutting her hands up on rose bushes, smearing black makeup on herself, and sucking the sins from the mouths of the guilty.

Father Moreno, the local priest, is sure it’s a demon, but Lourdes fears it’s something much more ancient and powerful. With the help of her “bruja Craft crew” and a professor, Lourdes begins to unravel what happened to Fernanda before her friend is lost forever.

Why we’re excited about this book:

In just a few short years, V. Castro has taken the horror fiction world by storm. A Mexican-American now living in the U.K., Castro’s work includes Sed de Sangre, The Erotic Modern Life of Malinalli The Vampire, Maria The Wanted and The Legacy of The Keepers, Hairspray and Switchblades, and her short fiction has been featured in Rigor Morbid: Lest Ye Become, Lockdown, Worst Laid Plans,  and she edited Latinx Screams with Cynthia Pelayo. With her latest novella, Castro conjures a fast-paced, hard-hitting tale of possession and the power of friendship straight out of Aztec mythology. Brian Keene (The Rising) says: “Timely, important, and packing more literary gut punches than anything I’ve read in a long time. Goddess of Filth is fantastic. Do not miss this one!”, and Alex Segura (Blackout and Miami Midnight) says: “Goddess of Filth is a dark, haunting story that I couldn’t let go of—and that wouldn’t let go of me. Castro blends Aztec mythology, her own unique life experiences, and a collection of memorable characters together to create something wholly unique, disturbing, and mesmerizing. Sometimes possessions aren’t all bad, and Goddess of Filth tells that story with verve.”

Forthcoming from Creature Publishing, LLC  and releasing 30 March 2021, Goddess of Filth by V. Castro is available for pre-order now.




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