News Round-up Week Ending 5 February 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

DaughtersDarknessDaughters of Darkness, the debut anthology from Black Angel, coming 14 February

A quartet of established female horror writers from both sides of the Atlantic have joined supernatural forces to bring you – Daughters of Darkness – a publication from the women-run indie press Black Angel. These stories will take you across the centuries, from Whitechapel to New Orleans, from dark humour to Gothic, weaving the weird with the macabre. Within these pages, meet the myriad monsters these female writers have conjured, letting them loose to roam and cast long shadows. Beware – this is only the beginning … Coming 14 February from Black Angel, you can pre-order your copy now, here.

ISpitMyselfOutNew short fiction collection from Tracy Fahey and The Sinister Horror Company, I Spit Myself Out, coming 13 February

Eighteen unsettling narratives map the female experience from puberty to menopause. I Spit Myself Out is a collection of female-voiced stories exploring the terror that lurks beneath the surface of the skin. In this collection, an Anatomical Venus opens to display her organs, clients of a mysterious clinic disappear one by one, a police investigation reveals family secrets, revenge is inked in the skin, and bodies pulsate in the throes of illness, childbirth and religious ritual. Disturbing and provoking in equal turns, I Spit Myself Out reinvents the body as a breeding ground of terrors that resurface inexorably in the present. Available in paperback and eBook formats, you can pre-order your copy here, now.

Shadow WriterShadow Writer: The RPG, based on the popular story by Paul Kane, coming soon from Distant Grey Gaming and Philip J. Bedingfield

Distant Grey Gaming and Philip J. Bedingfield have teamed up with bestselling and award-winning author Paul Kane (Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, Before, Arcana) to bring you: Shadow Writer, The RPG! Based on the popular story of the same name and the mythology of the ‘Order of the Shadows’, this will be a tabletop roleplaying game (using the Basic Roleplaying System Reference Document) that will be played initially on the Distant Grey Gaming Podcast soon. In the meantime, you can pre-order the collection Darkness & Shadows, which contains all of the ‘Order of the Shadows’ tales – including ‘Shadow Writer’ – plus the short novel Of Darkness and Light, from The Sinister Horror Company, released 13 March, here.

PunishmentbyHopePunishment by Hope, the new erotic and violent novelette by Erik Hofstatter, out now

Nim is a master swimmer floating on waves of wet hope. His penance is to swim and carry, but his heart is held onboard a grieving ship in the aquamarine prison of her eyes. She is his sentence and he is hers. Will a mysterious humanoid jellyfish reunite the star-crossed lovers? Released 27 January through Evenfall, you can pick up your copy in paperback or eBook here.


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