5 Must Read Horror Articles 26 Nov 2018


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Marie Claire run a feature article on why horror might well be the most comforting thing to watch in today’s world

Marie Claire’s Anne T. Donohue explains why it is horror she turns to, over and above trends for reality TV and baking competitions, to provide comfort in a world that is increasingly difficult to understand.

Film School Rejects explore body horror

Madison Brek at Film School Rejects uses Suspiria,  Rosemary’s Baby and several other horror films to examine what makes body horror tick.

Forget the romantic comedy, horror is the new genre for date movies, according to the Toronto Star

The Toronto Star’s Peter Howell picks up on a recent survey of movie choices for dating and reveals that horror now outranks romantic comedy. He looks at the increasing appeal of the genre to both genders, to explain the trend.

The Scotland Herald covers the country’s first genre-dedicated book festival

Phil Miller of the Scotland Herald delves into the Cymera Festival, coming to Edinburgh in June 2019, and is to be Scotland’s first ever book festival dedicated to Fantasy, Sci-fi and horror.

Comics Beat talks to Cullen Bunn about witches, morality and tone in horror comics

Comics Beat’s Zack Quaintance talks to Cullen Bunn, co-author of the Witch-Hammer comics and more besides about the tone of comic horror, as well as witches and morality in the genre.

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