5 Must Read Horror Articles 25 Mar 2019


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Screen Rant choose ten psychological horror films to chill you to the bone

Following on from the release of Jordan Peele’s new psychological horror, Us, Screen Rant’s Colin McCormick selects ten psychological horror movies that will leave you trembling.

The Washington Post runs a feature article on horror’s newfound mainstream success by a self-professed scaredy cat

Elahe Izadi writes a fascinating feature for the Washington Post which she begins as a confessional about her own aversion to screen scares, but goes on to talk about the ways in which horror helps to confront real life issues or to provide escapism for those experiencing real life horrors.

CBC interviews Tananarive Due, executive producer of Shudder’s Horror Noire, about black horror

CBC feature an interview, in text and audio formats, with Tananarive Due, executive producer of Shudder’s excellent documentary, Horror Noire, about black horror cinema and how it ties in to black history more generally.

Bloody Disgusting have chosen five episodes of Netflix’s Love Death & Robots that you need to watch now

John Squires at Bloody Disgusting has put in the hours, watching the animated anthology show, Love, Death & Robots and selected the top five episodes. All you need to do is get into your comfy chair and hit play.

Kendall Reviews asks C. C. Adams why he writes horror

C. C. Adams, writer of last year’s novella But Worse Will Come, opens up to Kendall Reviews on what drives him to write horror, why he doesn’t watch horror movies, and much more.

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