News Round-up Week Ending 22 March 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


New from authors Kevin J. Kennedy and Christina Bergling comes Screechers

Released on 6 March, Screechers is a post-apocalyptic novella from Kevin J. Kennedy and Christina Bergling. Featuring a new creature, perfectly evolved for the post-apocalyptic world in which it lives, known as a ‘screecher,’ this novella takes the story of a single creature who heads out into the wasteland and that of a group of three humans who have left the smouldering remains of their community, then weaves them together. You can pick up your copy of Screechers now, here.

Lords of the deepNew release from Patrick Lacey and Tim Meyer, Lords of the Deep, out now

This collaboration by Lacey (Where Stars Won’t Shine) and Meyer (Kill Hill Carnage) is set in historic Lea Bay, an area renowned for maritime history and its annual pirate festival. This year is going to be different, though, as monsters begin to be sighted in the bay, leaving Daphne in a race against time to save the area from the Lords of the Deep. After the recent successes of both authors, this collaborative book has been awaited by many fans of the genre. Released by Severed Press on 19 March, it is currently only available on Kindle. You can get your hands on your copy, here.

Lamp's light Sanitarium

Kickstarter underway for new horror roleplaying game, Lamp’s Light Sanitarium

Lamp’s Light Sanitarium is a role playing game, heading for its fifth edition. In order to perform the revamp, the people in charge have set up a kickstarter, which is already funded. However, there are still lots of interesting perks available to anyone who would like to pledge. Take a look at the artwork, storylines and fundraiser, here.


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