5 Must Read Horror Articles 22 February 2021


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Horror DNA discuss the phantom female in Asian horror as part of their WiHM coverage

Ren Zelen writes for for Horror DNA on the phantom female in Asian horror. Forming a crucial part of folklore, books and films from the region, this article digs into origins and some classic examples of this characteristic phenomenon.

The Ginger Nuts of Horror feature the new Twisted Anatomy anthology from Scifi and Scary

In this feature article, The Ginger Nuts of Horror share a new audio teaser for Twisted Anatomy, the new anthology of body horror from Scifi and Scary, as well as talking about some of the stories in the book and the charities supported by profits from the release.

Tor Nightfire feature a new essay on invisible colour in horror

In Chelsea Davis’ latest article for Tor Nightfire on colour in horror, she picks out three stories by Lovecraft, Bierce and London which explore the wonder and terror of invisible colour.

Horrified Magazine look at the role and agency of the river Thames in horror film

Writing for Horrified Magazine, Lauren Jane Barnett, a horror historian and writer, looks at the role of the river Thames throughout horror film history, noting in particular the agency ascribed to it.

Steve Stred sits down for an in-depth interview with Adam Nevill for Kendall Reviews

In this interview for Kendall Reviews, Steve Stred sits down with Adam Nevill to talk about his recent, experimental collection, Wyrd and Other Derelictions and much more.

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