News Round-up Week Ending 19 February 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

DSPV2_pre-order_210119Dim Shores Presents: Volume 2 available for pre-order now

Coming soon from Dim Shores comes Dim Shores Presents: Volume 2, featuring short stories by J. W. Donley, Jennifer Loring, C. M. Muller, Erica Ruppert and This is Horror owner Michael David Wilson alongside seven other authors. With cover art by Russell Smeaton, this anthology’s first 150 copies will be available exclusively through the publisher, printed on premium cream paper, be hand numbered and include a vinyl sticker and an art print. It will then be made available on all the usual stores and platforms in paperback and eBook formats. Following on from the previous editions of Dim Shores Presents and the acclaimed Looming Low, you can guarantee your copy right now, here.

Twisted AnatomyTwisted Anatomy, the new anthology of body horror from Sci-fi and Scary, out today

It all started with talk of tentacles from unmentionables… From this gooey start, our body horror charity anthology was born. Within these pages, our authors have come together to delight and disgust with stories about perhaps the most horrifying thing of all: the human body. Benefitting the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Twisted Anatomy contains new stories from some of the best authors in indie horror and science fiction, alongside several new voices guaranteed to suck readers in for years to come. Featuring stories by Hailey Piper, Red Lagoe, Patrick Barb, Sara Tantlinger and many more, you can pick up your copy here.

MME Volume One CoverNew from AM Ink and journalist Heather Wixson, Monsters, Makeup & Effects available for pre-order now

Pennywise. Xenomorphs. Freddy Krueger. Beetlejuice. Jason Voorhees. Most movie fans immediately recognize these creatures and characters, but hardly know much about the artists behind these iconic designs. In Monsters, Makeup & Effects: Volume 1, journalist Heather Wixson shines the spotlight on twenty special makeup effects artists, creators and technicians whose work has left us captivated and marveling at their innovation, ingenuity and creativity. Featuring behind-the-scenes photos and extensive interviews, MM&E explores the lives, careers and inspirations behind some the greatest artisans to have ever worked in film and television. MM&E is a celebration of the creative spirit and artistic endeavors of those who have worked tirelessly for decades to create the memorable monsters, creatures and onscreen personas that have terrified us, made us laugh and filled us with a sense of wonder. Available in early summer, you can pre-order your copy now, here.

Dark LullabyComing 23 March from writer Polly Ho-Yen and Titan Books, Dark Lullaby, available for pre-order now

For fans of Black Mirror and The Handmaid’s Tale, a mother desperately tries to keep her family together in a society where parenting standards are strictly monitored. The world is suffering an infertility crisis, the last natural birth was over twenty years ago and now the only way to conceive is through a painful fertility treatment. Any children born are strictly monitored, and if you are deemed an unfit parent then your child is extracted. After witnessing so many struggling to conceive – and then keep – their babies, Kit thought she didn’t want children. But then she meets Thomas and they have a baby girl, Mimi. Soon the small mistakes build up and suddenly Kit is faced with the possibility of losing her daughter, and she is forced to ask herself how far she will go to keep her family together. Available in paperback and eBook, you can guarantee your copy here, now.

SeveredNew from author Joshua Marsella, Severed, prequel to his hit debut novella, Scratches, out now

In this prequel to Scratches, the members of Third Squad are sent on a recon mission to Northern Vietnam in 1967. Their squad leader, Sgt. George Hanscott, has to make the difficult decision to disobey his unit’s direct orders putting his squad’s lives at risk, or help a local fishing village end the terror that’s been plaguing them for over a century. Will his decision backfire or will his squad of US Marine’s be able to destroy the evil entity they don’t quite understand? Will we find out how George became such a heinous monster? Do we really want to know? Pick up your copy in paperback or eBook, here.


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