5 Must Read Horror Articles 12 Nov 2018


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Thirty years after the original film’s release, The Atlantic talks Child’s Play and the enduring terror of dolls

Crystal Ponti over at The Atlantic celebrates the animate doll monster, Chucky, on the occasion of his thirtieth birthday and talks Child’s Play and the enduring terror derived from animate dolls.

IGN talk Overlord and the wider story of World War II in horror

IGN’s William Bibbiani looks at the new World War II horror film, Overlord, from director J. J. Abrams and traces a path through the history of the last great war’s crossovers with the horror genre.

Bored Panda feature the top ten from a two-sentence horror story challenge

When Reddit user Meiguess asked people to write the scariest story they could in just two sentences for halloween, the community responded with some terrifying material. Bored Panda’s Inga Ko highlights the ten most harrowing.

Alan Baxter guest posts on Chuck Wendig’s website, addressing the unfairly simplistic reputation of horror to coincide with his new novel, Devouring Dark

In a new guest post post for Chuck Wendig, Alan Baxter describes a familiar conversation for all horror writers and, quite possibly, readers too. He lays bare the simplistic, base views of much of the population about horror and uses his newest release, Devouring Dark, to show how nuanced and multi-faceted horror can be.

Kendall Reviews talk to Canadian author Rio Youers on the release of his novel Halcyon

With his new novel, Halcyon, freshly released, Kendall reviews talk to the Canadian author about the new book, what inspires him and more besides.

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