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Injured Eyeballs

Jasper BarkJasper Bark’s graphic novel column, part of our ‘Graphic Horror’ brand.

November 2011: How to attract the next generation to comics
December 2011: How to increase comic sales: Create a moral panic
January 2012: How to write horror comics

February 2012: What makes a comic scary?
March 2012: Should the reader do all the work?
April 2012: Horror Hosts
May 2012: The importance of comic book covers (and the paradox of clichés)
June 2012: The internet marketing cold caller and the problem with LOL
August 2012: Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein
September 2012: Writers are full of shit (and where ideas really come from)
October 2012: The importance of editing, Simon Bestwick & nuns, and the perfect Halloween viewing
November 2012: The Muppets and Mahna, Mahna – the Untold Story!
January 2013: Who invented horror comics?

February 2013: Who The F*** Is Howard Nostrand?
April 2013: Editing Your Own Work: How to Dismember Your Darlings
May 2013: Filthy Habits – Writing and Routine
June 2013: Rejection Letters – How To Write and Respond To Them
September 2013: Shut the f*** up – I’m writing
October 2013: Creepshow
December 2013: There IS A Sanity Clause – Proof Positive that Santa Really Does Exist
January 2014: The Weird World of Bill Alexander
February 2014: In Defence of Beards!
March 2014: Examining Game of Thrones Season Three on Blu-ray
April 2014: Less Is Never More – More or Less

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