Where’s my copy of Joe & Me by David Moody?

Joe & Me by David Moody is scheduled for release on 18 June, just five days away – so the This Is Horror team thought we’d give you a fun update, so you know exactly where your books are and how they’ll be getting to you.

Joe & Me by David Moody with Michael WilsonJoe & Me is back from the printers

Our editor, Michael Wilson, holds up the first copy of the first This Is Horror Premium Chapbook, Joe & Me by David Moody. With a sleek finish, the beautifully designed cover art courtesy of Neil Williams is looking better than ever.



Joe & Me by David Moody ChapbooksTomorrow David Moody will sign all 500 copies

Here are just a few of the 500 copies. David will carefully sign and number each copy just for you. We will supply him with drink, food and whatever else he demands. Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer from wrist strain!



Jo Baldwin HorrorFriday we will package Joe & Me into bubble-lined mailers

Jo Baldwin will lovingly package your books into bubble-lined white mailers and write your name onto the front of the mailer so that the postal service can hand deliver these works of art straight to your front door.



Royal Mail Post OfficeWe will deliver your book to the post office

With a smile on our face and strong arms we will lug all copies of Joe & Me to the post office giving the postal service strict instructions to handle the Premium Chapbook with love, care and attention.



Confirmation emailSaturday we will send you a confirmation e-mail

We will confirm the delivery of your chapbook, via personalised e-mail. Each confirmation e-mail will be slightly different with links to articles, quotes or perhaps a witty meme you may well enjoy. Don’t believe us? Compare confirmation e-mails with your friends!



KindlePremium subscribers receive e-mium chapbook

Subscribers to This Is Horror Premium Chapbooks will receive an e-mail on Monday with their e-mium copy of Joe & Me by David Moody.




Joe & Me by David MoodyJoe & Me arrives in pristine condition for you to love and read

And then that special day arrives, there’s a ring at the door or perhaps the rustle of a mailer through the letter box and you’re united with your very own copy of Joe & Me by David Moody. Take care of it and welcome it fondly into your home.

Note: If you are attending the 22 June event at Warwick University and would rather we save and look after your book for the event then we will happily do that for you. Just send an e-mail to Michael@ThisIsHorror.co.uk

Remember, you can still order your single copy of Joe & Me by David Moody or subscribe to the This Is Horror Premium Chapbook series.

Have a great day – and don’t forget to comment if you have any concerns, queries or feedback.


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  1. My mailbox is ready for its arrival 😉

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