TOD 102 Charting New Maps of Dream

This podcast features an interview with editor Cody Goodfellow, and Readings by Kaaron Warren, Mehitobel Wilson, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, and Rios de la Luz from New Maps of Dream (PS Publishing, Fall 2021) . This episode was recorded between September 14-22, 2021.

Show Notes

Anya Martin interviews editor Cody Goodfellow, about New Maps of Dream (PS Publishing, Fall 2021), including the six-year genesis of this anthology which he co-edited with the late Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., why HP Lovecraft’s lesser known Dreamlands cycle is long overdue for contemporary re-interpretation, and the assemblage of a diverse set of authors for this fascinating project.  This dynamic and even surprising interview is followed by readings from New Maps of Dream contributors  Kaaron Warren (0:45:31), Mehitobel Wilson (1:04:49), Jayaprakash Satyamurthy (1:17:33), and Rios de la Luz (1:30:13).  The authors also share back stories on their stories and their latest publishing news. Warren and Wilson make their first appearances on The Outer Dark. This episode was recorded between September 14-22, 2021. Be sure to scroll down to Additional Links to find out more,

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TOD 072 Quarantine Readings: Jayaprakash Satyamurthy and S.P. Miskowski

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Show Credits

Hosts/Producers: Scott Nicolay and Anya Martin

Co-Host, News from The Weird: Justin Steele

Co-Host, Reviews from The Weird: Gordon B. White

Symposium Assistant Director: Melanie Crew

Symposium Programming Coordinator: Jess Lewis

Symposium Logistics: Melissa Eisner

Logo Design: Nick “The Hat” Gucker

Music: Michael Griffin

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