5 Must Read Horror Articles 18 October 2021


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Writer Steven Savile explains to Kendall Reviews why one of his novels was thirty years in the making

In this guest post for Kendall Reviews, author Steven Savile writes at length on his novel, The Sufferer’s Song, and explains how it was a ‘collaboration with himself’ which took thirty years to find its final form.

Tor Nightfire highlight five of the most unlikely duos in horror film and fiction

Writer Gus Moreno, whose new novel This Thing Between Us features an unlikely pairing, selects some other unexpected duos from horror fiction and film.

Richard Thomas explains how to write a massive, multi-pronged hook for Storyville at LitReactor

Ahead of his hotly-anticipated new short fiction collection, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Richard Thomas unpacks how to create a massive multi-pronged hook in your fiction with this article for Storyville on LitReactor.

Horrified Magazine look back at the beginnings of horror in video games via the ZX Spectrum

Writer and critic Dan Pietersen rolls back the clock to the eighties heyday of the ZX Spectrum and uncovers some of the early origins of horror in video games.

Crime Reads feature an article on the horror of the inexplicable by Andy Marino

Writer Andy Marino, whose novel The Seven Visitations of Stanley Burgess was released last month, talks up the use of the inexplicable as a device for creating horror in this article for Crime Reads.

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