TIH 333: Christopher Golden on Pre-release Nerves, Writing Routine, and Toughest Times in Career

TIH 333 Christopher Golden on Pre-release Nerves, Writing Routine, and Toughest Times in Career

In this podcast Christopher Golden talks about pre-release nerves, his writing routine, the toughest times in his writing career, and much more.

About Christopher Golden

Christopher Golden is the award-winning, bestselling author of such novels as The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, The Boys Are Back in Town, The Ferryman, Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and (with Tim Lebbon) The Map of Moments. He has also written books for teens and young adults, including Poison Ink, Soulless, and the thriller series Body of Evidence, honored by the New York Public Library and chosen as one of YALSA’s Best Books for Young Readers. He is also known for his many media tie-in works, including novels, comics, and video games, in the worlds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, Angel, and X-Men, among others.

Show notes

  • [02:50] Part two. Pre-releases nerves
  • [05:45] Red Hands
  • [11:40] This is the last novel you will ever write …
  • [13:45] Reviews
  • [19:30] Toughest times in career
  • [25:05] Self-publishing with Tim Lebbon
  • [27:50] Writing routine and a typical day/week
  • [41:00] Promotion and help from big publishers
  • [58:25] Lucas Milliron, via Patreon, asks about more Three Guys With Beards podcasts
  • [01:02:40] Alice Phelan, via Patreon, asks about how writing tie-ins and original fiction influence each other
  • [01:07:05] Connect with Christopher Golden
  • [01:08:05] Final thoughts

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