News Round-up Week Ending 28 February 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky, from writer Paul Kane and Silver Shamrock Publishing, coming 10 March

The world has changed. Ever since the night that sky, the blood red sky, appeared, and the adults were wiped out by what some of those who remain call the Trolls. Huge, hulking beasts that hunt the young survivors. One such group have tried to make a life for themselves, tried to create another family after losing their original ones—whilst at the same time planning a way to defeat the creatures who roam this new landscape. But that’s all about to change as well, when a couple of newcomers appear. Strangers who have their own story to tell… The latest post-apocalyptic tale from Paul Kane (The Rot, Sherlock Homes and the Servants of Hell), this is a compelling coming of age novella unlike anything you’ve ever read. Pre-order your copy right now, here.

Under Her Black WingsOut now from Kandisha Press, Under Her Black Wings

In this, their 2020 Women in Horror anthology, Kandisha Press present nineteen stories, written by women authors about women monsters. Featuring a foreword by Brandon Scott (Vodou and Sleight), the book contains such things as a glamorous actress whose very flesh is reanimated by a beloved Hollywood icon, a boy scout troop which encounters a frightening mythological creature in an American forest, a lonely woman who finds a home among a group of lost-and-found souls, all cared for by a tentacled sea-creature called Mother and much more besides. featuring authors such as Christy Aldridge, Somer Canon, Carmen Baca and many more besides, Under Her Black Wings is out now and is available here.


Manchester’s leading horror movie festival announces horror legends season beginning with David Cronenberg day on 8 March

In 2020, Grimmfest will pay tribute to four Legends of Horror, in the suitably elegant, art-deco surroundings of Stockport Plaza. Experience classics of the genre in suitably grand, elegant style, in the most beautiful Picture Palace in the region. Grimmfest has partnered with The Horror Channel to offer big screen presentations of a whole host of classic horror films from four masters of the genre all on the big screen, across Spring and early Summer. Tobe Hooper (9 February), David Cronenberg (8 March), John Carpenter (9 May) and Wes Craven (5 July). 16 movies in total over 4 special day events. For full details of the Cronenberg event and tickets, click here.


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