TIH 325: Doug Murano and Michael Bailey on Miscreations, Creating Anthologies, and Targeted Advertising

TIH 325 Doug Murano and Michael Bailey on Miscreations, Creating Anthologies, and Targeted Advertising

In this podcast Miscreations anthology special, Doug Murano and Michael Bailey talk about Miscreations, creating anthologies, targeted advertising, and much more.

About Doug Murano

Doug Murano lives somewhere between Mount Rushmore and the mighty Missouri River. He is the Bram Stoker Award-winning editor of Behold! Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders and the co-editor of Bram Stoker Award-nominated Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories. Since 2008, his short stories have appeared in a number of venues. He is an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association and was the organization’s promotions and social media coordinator from 2013—15. He is a co-recipient of the HWA’s 2014 Richard Laymon President’s Award for Service.

About Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey is a freelance writer, editor, book designer, and a resident of forever-burning California. He is the recipient of the Bram Stoker Award (and 7-time nominee), Benjamin Franklin Award, over two dozen independent accolades, and a Shirley Jackson Award nominee.

Show notes

  • [03:20] Conversation start—laughter because we had to do the intro several times …
  • [04:30] Miscreations origin story
  • [06:40] Michael Bailey’s initial reaction to Miscreations
  • [16:00] Targeted adverts and marketing via social media
  • [20:25] Advertising
  • [22:40] Night Worms
  • [34:50] Alma Katsu’s intro
  • [37:00] ‘You Are My Neighbour’ by Max Booth III
  • [42:45] Lucas Milliron, via Patreon, asks about the most challenging thing about writing and editing anthologies
  • [48:00] Poetry
  • [55:15] Story order
  • [58:20] Process going through open submissions
  • [01:04:15] Brent Clarke, via Patreon, asks about Laird Barron’s story
  • [01:07:55] Ryan Whitley, via Patreon, coming up with themes for anthologies
  • [01:17:30] Funding anthologies
  • [01:24:40] Lucy Snyder’s story
  • [01:25:50] Brian Hodge
  • [01:27:50] Joanna Parypinski
  • [01:31:35] Final thoughts

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