News Round-up Week Ending 31 January 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Dragonflies Dance

Coming 8 February from Aphotic Realm, Where Dragonflies Dance, by A. A. Medina

Launching on 8 February is the new novella in the in the Claybrook Country Chronicles series, of which Siphon was the first. In this volume, we find Erik Haust, who was in an accident. When he awoke, not only was his nine-year-old daughter missing, but so was his memory of that day. Almost two months later, and there is still no sign of his daughter, Melinda. Until she found him. Dragged through an emotional and painful minefield, Erik unravels the mystery of his daughter’s disappearance. You can pre-order your copy right now, here.

IOTWCS cover FINAL front onlyReleased today from Things in the Well and Matthew R. Davis, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, a collection of short fiction

All lives are haunted by love and loss, by hunger and hurt, by desperation and death – and those depicted in the debut collection of dark short stories from Matthew R. Davis are no exception. Here, horror can be found dancing the Morris and rockin’ the Sunset Strip, grooving under nightclub lights and unspooling from a homemade mixtape. It’s waiting in the dim glow of a stranger’s living room and the bleeding sunset over a deserted beach, lurking beneath the family Christmas tree and the streets of the city itself. It’s spray-painted on dirty walls, echoing in hollow hearts and abandoned homes. It’s everywhere. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep collects thirteen heartfelt and haunting horror tales by Australian author Matthew R. Davis, including the Australian Shadows Awards-recognised “This Impossible Gift” and “The Heart of the Mission”, each illustrated with darkly beautiful images by Red Wallflower Photography. Launched today, you can pick up your copy, here.

Blood Brains BulletsBlood, Brains & Bullets, an anthology of zombie fiction from Screaming Banshee Press, out now

Featuring tales from authors such as multi-award winning author Lee Murray (Into the Ashes), Dave Jeffrey (Finding Jericho), Jake Bible (The Flip Side) and many more, these tales take you on a journey through a hellis maelstrom of the macabre. Viral outbreaks, eco-tastrophes and divine judgement await for any of those foolish enough to brave the pages contained within. Released through Screaming Banshee Press, released on 30 January, and featuring nearly three hundred pages of zombie-apocalyptic horror, you can get hold of your copy, here.


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