TIH 316: Matthew M. Bartlett on WXXT Leeds, The Stay Awake Men, and Self Publishing

TIH 316 Matthew M. Bartlett on WXXT Leeds, The Stay Awake Men, and Self-Publishing

In this podcast Matthew M. Bartlett talks about WXXT Leeds, The Stay Awake Men, self-publishing, and much more.

About Matthew M. Bartlett

Matthew M. Bartlett is the author of Gateways to Abomination, Creeping Waves, The Stay Awake Men, and many other tales of terror.

Show notes

  • [03:40] Life lessons growing up
  • [12:35] First experiences with story
  • [18:00] First story creations and art
  • [20:25] Poets
  • [22:10] Attraction to poetry
  • [25:40] Deciding to write for publication
  • [29:20] Self-publishing
  • [39:50] Scott Kemper, via Patreon, asks about WXXT and Leeds
  • [55:40] Stay Awake Men: initial motivation and challenge
  • [58:10] Cover art

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