TIH 312: Scott Thomas on Kill Creek, Violet, and Inkshares

TIH 312 Scott Thomas on Kill Creek, Violet, and Inkshares

In this podcast Scott Thomas talks about Kill Creek, Violet, Inkshares, and much more.

About Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas is the Stoker-nominated author of Kill Creek, which was selected by the American Library Association’s reader committee as the top horror book of 2017. Originally from Coffeyville, Kansas, Scott attended the University of Kansas where he earned degrees in English and Film. His latest book is Violet.

Show notes

  • [04:00] Supernatural beliefs
  • [13:00] Old Parker and the root cellar
  • [21:15] Professional start in film and tv; novel written before Kill Creek; writing Kill Creek
  • 29:25] Ink Shares. How do they work? Who are and arent they for?
  • [37:50] Kill Creek TV series
  • [42:40] Violet
  • [49:00] Processing grief
  • [53:00] V R Weather, via Patreon, asks for tips for creating spooky horror that’s appropriate for all ages
  • [56:30] Traci Kenworth, via Patreon, asks about degrees, the advantages for writing, and tips for screenwriting
  • [01:04:40] Connect with Scott
  • [01:05:30] Final thoughts

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