TIH 310: Nicole Cushing on 500 Stories in 500 Nights, Horror Writing Class, and Fanaticism

TIH 310 Nicole Cushing on 500 Stories in 500 Nights, Horror Writing Class, and Fanaticism

In this podcast we talk to Nicole Cushing about reading 500 stories in 500 nights, her Patreon horror writing class, fanaticism, and much more.

About Nicole Cushing

Nicole Cushing is the Bram Stoker Award® winning author of Mr. Suicide and a two-time nominee for the Shirley Jackson Award.

Show notes

  • [02:50] The idea that people are created by other people and there is no essential me or you
  • [30:45] Siblings and horror
  • [32:30] Fanaticism
  • [40:40] Shame
  • [01:09:15] Horror writing class via Patreon
  • [01:17:45] Reading a short story a night for 500 nights: #500stories500nights
  • [01:20:30] Connect with Nicole
  • [01:22:00] Final thoughts

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