Look Out For … Shout Kill Revel Repeat by Scott R. Jones

Shout Kill Revel Repeat by Scott R Jones - cover“Fully embracing the weird and fearless in execution, Jones delivers his personal brand of horror in one stellar collection.”

Time and space collide while two lovers embark on a trip into the wilderness.

A simple harmless question releases a plague from a strange Ouija board.

A revolutionary new technology launches a test pilot into another dimension.

An amnesiac discovers the secret of humanity’s past and future while hunting an ancient artifact.

These stories and more. Here you’ll find shapeshifters, ultra-rich magicians gone mad, survivalists, soldiers, and sadists.

Shout. Kill. Revel. Repeat.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Scott R. Jones has been writing in the weird fiction field for nearly a decade. Author of When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality, his short fiction has been featured in such anthologies as Return of the Old Ones: Apocalyptic Lovecraftian Horror, Broken Worlds, Chthonic: Weird Tales of Inner Earth, and Transmissions From Punktown among others, as well as magazines such as Innsmouth Magazine and Pseudopod. Scott is also the editor of Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis, A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession, Chthonic: Weird Tales of Inner Earth, and Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond. Fully embracing the weird and fearless in execution, Jones delivers his personal brand of horror in one stellar collection.

Why Scott’s excited about this book:

“My work has been spread out between anthologies and magazines for so long, it’s certainly a thrill to see a representative chunk of it all in one place. Would I prefer some way to deliver fiction that didn’t rely on books, either reading them or listening to someone else read them? Sure. Some kind of aerosol delivery system would be ideal! But books we have and books will remain and I’m excited for readers to receive a concentrated dose of my brand of weird fiction.”

Forthcoming from Trepidatio Publishing 6 december 2019, with an introduction by Ross E. Lockhart, Shout Kill Revel Repeat by Scott R. Jones is available for pre-order now.


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