TIH 266: Ray Cluley on Water For Drowning, Audiobooks, and Movie Sharks

TIH 266 Ray Cluley on Water For Drowning, Audiobooks, and Movie Sharks

In this podcast Ray Cluley talks about Water For Drowning, audiobooks, movie sharks, and much more.

About Ray Cluley

Ray Cluley is a British Fantasy Award winner with stories published in various magazines and anthologies. Some of these have been republished in ‘best of’ volumes, including Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year series and Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror, as well as Steve Berman’s Wilde Stories: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction, and Benoît Domis’s Ténèbres. He has been translated into French, Polish, and Hungarian, with a Chinese version of his award-winning ‘Shark! Shark!’ due soon. Probably Monsters, his debut collection, is available from ChiZine Publications. You can pick up Water For Drowning, narrated by RJ Bayley, on audiobook here if you’re in the US and here if you’re in the UK. 

Show notes

  • [02:55] Conversation start
  • [04:35] Water For Drowning in audio form, narrated by RJ Bayley
  • [06:40] Arsehole protagonists
  • [09:55] Novel that features Josh from Water For Drowning
  • [15:00] Current writing routine
  • [22:30] Kev Harrison, via Patreon, being in a band/basing Water For Drowning off bands
  • [29:25] Future adaptations
  • [39:15] Films Ray has been impressed by recently
  • [46:00] Brian Asman, via Patreon, which movie shark to fight

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Water For Drowning by Ray Cluley, narrated by RJ Bayley

Listen to Water For Drowning on Audible in the US here and in the UK here. 

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