TIH 265: Sarah Langan on The Keeper, Audrey’s Door, and Creativity

TIH 265 Sarah Langan on The Keeper, Audrey's Door, and Creativity

In this podcast Sarah Langan talks about The Keeper, Audrey’s Door, creativity, and much more.

About Sarah Langan

Sarah Langan is an American horror author and three-time Bram Stoker Award winner. Langan was also one of the judges for the inaugural Shirley Jackson Award and is currently on the Board of Directors.

Show notes

  • [03:00] Early life lessons growing up
  • [09:10] What keeps Sarah coming back to writing
  • [14:25] First experiences with story
  • [18:00] First experiences writing
  • [20:45] Undergraduate degree in Creative Writing
  • [26:10] Parenting and raising children
  • [41:10] Literary agents
  • [49:50] Creativity with husband, J. T. Petty
  • [53:40] The Keeper and Stephen King pseudonym story
  • [56:55] Virus/The Missing name discrepancy
  • [59:35] Audrey’s Door
  • [01:19:20] Jason White, via Patreon, asks if there will be a new novel anytime soon
  • [01:21:25] Making changes: what will and won’t make
  • [01:27:50] Daily working routine
  • [01:29:50] Circle of Confusion Management
  • [01:35:20] Ryan Whitley, via Patreon, asks about subscribing to one or two print horror short story magazines
  • [01:41:00] What Sarah hopes people say about her when she’s not in the room
  • [01:43:25] Connect with Sarah
  • [01:46:35] Final thoughts

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