TIH 259: Ramsey Campbell on Creatures of the Pool, The Grin of the Dark, and Demons by Daylight

TIH 259 Ramsey Campbell on Creatures of the Pool, The Grin of the Dark, and Demons by Daylight

In this podcast Ramsey Campbell talks about Creatures of the PoolThe Grin of the Dark, Demons by Daylight, and much more.

About Ramsey Campbell

The Oxford Companion to English Literature describes Ramsey Campbell as Britain’s most respected living horror writer. He has been given more awards than any other writer in the field, including the Grand Master Award of the World Horror Convention, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Horror Writers Association and the Living Legend Award of the International Horror Guild. PS has published 19 of his books, among which are the novels: The Darkest Part of the Woods, The Overnight, Secret Story, The Grin of the Dark, Thieving Fear, Creatures of the Pool, The Seven Days of Cain, The Kind Folk, Ghosts Know, Think Yourself Lucky and Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach. His trilogy The Three Births of Daoloth further develops the cosmic horrors he introduced in his first published book, The Inhabitant of the Lake. The Searching Dead is the first volume, followed by Born to the Dark and culminating with The Way of the Worm. His PS collections include Told by the Dead, The Inhabitant of the Lake and Just Behind You. His nonfiction is collected as Ramsey Campbell, Probably, along with Letters to Arkham, S. T. Joshi s compiled and annotated volume of letters between Ramsey and Arkham House founder August Derleth. Lavishly illustrated by Pete Von Sholly, Ramsey Campbell s Limericks of the Alarming and Phantasmal is a history of horror fiction in the form of fifty limericks. Ramsey Campbell lives with his wife Jenny on Merseyside where he was recently presented by Liverpool John Moores University with an Honorary Fellowship for his outstanding contribution to literature.

Show notes

  • [02:45] John Foster, via Patreon, asks about returning to cosmic horror
  • [05:50]Current work in progress
  • [07:00] Re-releasing via Flame Tree Press
  • [09:00] David Powell, via Patreon, asks about water and Creatures of the Pool 
  • [12:10] Rare items found as part of the research for Creatures of the Pool 
  • [14:15] Ghost tours
  • [15:10] Brian Asman, via Patreon, asks about The Grin of the Dark and silent comedians
  • [18:50] Three Stooges book for Electric Dream House
  • [21:40] Brian Noonan asks about Demons by Daylight and recommended nonfiction books24 20
  • [26:40] David Irons, via Patreon, asks about Horror Cafe
  • [34:00] Roger Venable, via Patreon, asks about stories that have had the most influence on horror since 2000
  • [38:00] John Foster, via Patreon, asks about Ramsey’s most frightening novel
  • [40:45] Ross Byers, via Patreon, asks about who Ramsey’s been reading lately and who people should be reading more
  • [46:20] Roger Venable, via Patreon, talks about the direction the genre is moving forward in
  • [47:20] David Powell, via Patreon, asks about dream collaborations
  • [51:40] Traci Kenworth, via Patreon, asks about independent versus traditional publishing if starting out again today
  • [53:00] David Powell, via Patreon, asks about writing to music and how fast Ramsey reads
  • [55:30] Dan Howarth, via Patreon, asks about the future of British Horror and the importance of promoting other writers
  • [57:30] Advice to eighteen-year-old self
  • [57:40] What frightens Ramsey
  • [59:10] Personal philosophies
  • [59:50] Connect with Ramsey
  • [01:00:20] Final thoughts

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