TIH 226: Kurt Fawver on The Dissolution of Small Worlds, Thomas Ligotti’s Work as Conspiracy, and Special Collections

TIH 226 Kurt Fawver on The Dissolution of Small Worlds, Thomas Ligotti's Work as Conspiracy, and Special Collections

In this podcast Kurt Fawver talks about The Dissolution of Small Worlds, Thomas Ligotti’s work as conspiracy, Special Collections, and much more.

About Kurt Fawver

Shirley Jackson Award winner Kurt Fawver lives in that dark land of swamps and simulacra known as Florida, but is originally from the Pennsylvanian wasteland that lies between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. His favorite cryptid is the Mongolian death worm. He is the author of The Dissolution of Small Worlds and Forever, In Pieces.

Show notes

  • [03:00] Most persuasive conspiracy theory explored
  • [04:50] Thomas Ligotti’s view of work as a conspiracy
  • [17:20] Lessons learnt putting together the first collection applied to the second
  • [21:10] Story selection
  • [28:05] Anthologies/collections with or without themes
  • [40:35] ‘Special Collections’
  • [47:40] Novel plans
  • [51:35] What frightens Kurt
  • [55:40] Something Kurt believes many others do not
  • [01:02:00] Weirdest childhood experience
  • [01:09:20]Final thoughts
  • [01:10:50] Connect with Kurt

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