Look Out For … The Siren and the Spector by Jonathan Janz

The Siren and the Specter by Jonathan Janz -cover“Jonathan Janz is no stranger to the horror genre, with a terrifying visceral style that packs an emotional and haunting punch.”

When celebrated supernatural skeptic David Crane receives an invitation by an old friend to spend a month in “the most haunted house in Virginia”, he figures the case is nothing more than the same old same old. But then, Alexander House isn’t like the other houses he’s visited. The house contains shadows of the past, lingering with the tinge of bloodshed. The house was built in the 1700s by a land baron to hold his mad and depraved eldest son captive.

Something is haunting David as well. Twenty-two years ago, he walked away from the woman of his dreams, and she took her own life.

Now, David thinks she’s followed him to Alexander House.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Jonathan Janz is no stranger to the horror genre, with a terrifying visceral style that packs an emotional and haunting punch. The author of Children of the Dark, Exorcist Falls, Wolf Land, and House of Skin, Janz is known for his deep characterization and fearless delivery of the things that really scare us. This book, part of the Flame Tree Press Fiction Without Frontiers lineup, releases 6 September 2018 and is available for pre-order right now.




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