TIH 204: Mike Davis on Daily Routine, Writing, and Belief and Evidence

TIH 204 Mike Davis on Daily Routine, Writing, and Belief and Evidence

In this podcast Mike Davis talks about daily routine, wriitng, belief and evidence, and much more.

About Mike Davis

Mike Davis is a Dad, husband, editor, publisher, podcaster, and reader. He is the chief cook and bottle washer at Lovecraft eZine.

Show notes

  • [02:50] Rick Siem, via Patreon, asks about starting the eZine and assembling members of the panel
  • [13:55] Lovecraftian fiction
  • [15:20] Writers more should be familiar with
  • [21:25] Daily routine
  • [25:00] Efficiently answering emails
  • [28:30] Novella writing
  • [33:20] Belief and evidence
  • [42:05] Competition
  • [54:20] Advice to eighteen-year-old self
  • [01:02:00] White whales
  • [01:12:10] Connect with Mike
  • [01:14:00] Final thoughts

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  1. Great interview! I wish I could leave an review on itunes but I don’t have an apple device and it won’t allow me to leave reviews with just my computer. I love your outlook, Michael and Mike!

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